Something soeaking to me in the night that didn't feel friendly

Ok so I’ll get straight to the point.
Last night between 2 and 3 am I was laying down smoking a cig and fucking around on my phone.
All the sudden I started hearing voices and whistles coming from the heat vent in my room.
I tried to ignore it and went back to fucking around on my phone.

I started hearing taps on the outside of my wall (I was laying down with my head right beneath my window) and a feel of unease started to surround me.

I then heard very cleary in a deep serpentine voice say (and I know the spelling is off so I’ll type the words as they sounded)

Koy-as in boy but with a K-Dee A-As in the the letters D and A-Dah-Win-Day-Blacku/Vlacku couldn’t make out the difference.

So what I heard was: Koy Deeay da winday blahku/vlaku

I tried translating the words and it lead me to some Latin but maybe the spelling is off.

I had just got done doing a meditation on Gabriels lamen as I am working on an initiation into the sphere of Yesod.
But this didn’t sound friendly when I heard it.
It terrified me to my core to the point of me not even wanting to move out of fear.

Any thoughts on what this could have been?

PS:I’ve had “demons” communicate in this way but it didn’t scare me or make me feel uneasy so I don’t think it was a spiritual friend of mine.


Just get a spirit ally, I can’t find it now but I found this really academic legit blog that said the ONE single initiatory act that’s prevalent in all cultures is to “have a spirit” - which means, to have a non-physical dude (or babe!) as your ally in all things.

I got this, and it’s behind everything I do, ever, and you can probably guess me just posting here pisses off a LOT of people.

Get your shotgun-rider - get a spiritual co-worker, partner, wife, blood-brother, whatever - get them fast, and make sure your hopes and ideals are aligned (as I did) and that you can respect each other (as I did).

I’m not fucking about here, find a spirit who likes you and who YOU like, and link up.

The rest will be simple after that.

Not sure what you mean by this.I have quite a few spirits on my side.
I’m just trying to figure out what this thing was saying or doing by speaking to me.
How would I go about finding this spiritual partner?

Get the ONE - it’s pretty simple, you either do, or do NOT, want any spirit you meet, to be in your life for a LONG time. Sharing goals, being allies, conspiracy, etc.

For you, I’d suggest Hathor, but you might want to go more “butch” - lol!!

So yeah - that. :wink:

It isnt as easy as just simply asking for say a guardian demon. You have to to establish a proper relationship to said spirit. Think of it like dating or establishing a proper relationship. Ob yeah, and do not piss the spirit off.

The more powerful and especially dark (like demons) the spirit, the more evil it can be when pissed off…but also…the more loving it can be. Just learn about the spirit, …TAKE TIME out of your day to talk to it for no particular reason…if you are just calling on it simply because you want information or stuff it may begin to dislike you…and that depends on the spirit. Spirits are not just simply THINGS they are real Beings.

I’d say even more like a marriage, and that includes if you’re both manly dudes and your chosen spirit has hairy goat-balls or something.

The point is we can have all these different spirits vying for attention and creating phenomena but without a go-to, trustworthy ally, we’re kind of left out the loop.

So that’s my reason for suggesting this, and by no means does it have to be a “demon” - I hope I’m not leaping to conclusions but afaik Biosynth has a close alliance with Belial, and some people here have other spirits listed in the grimoires, but there’s a whle cosmos out there and like I said, from wehat you shared here M_K, Hathor’s looking to me personally like someone to think about approaching… :slight_smile:

So how would I go about approaching this goddess? I’ve heard you talk about her alot but never really did much research.
I’m currently working with Gabriel and initiating myself into the sphere of Yesod but that’s a story for another post.


Have you thought about Hecate?

Approach her on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays by simply intending to connect, her wikipedia page is decent and you can use a printed image (the Egyptians valued uniformity in art, inkjet printing would have been right up their street) - you can meditate on her heiroglyph as well. Her direction is the west and it will be helpful if you face west when calling her.

This is the good thing about beings we call gods, they don’t require elaborate prep to make contact, just have some kind of link like an image and call to her.

She likes turquoise, so some turquoise candles (or white, or gold) would make a good gift, but make contact first and see how you get on.

The following may seem nutty or even a sign of some mental illness. So feel free to disregard my experience. But here we go…: A few years ago I was awoken about 2:30am or so by a voice which was speaking to his partner (I intuited that both were in the room) saying, “Let’s tear him apart!!” Holy shit. It scared me to death. I was a Christian at the time, so I said, “In the name of Jesus leave me alone.” The voice stopped and I felt that the entities departed. About 4 years later I was also awoken by an entity grabbing my legs and working his way up my body. That time, too, I said a similar prayer. It went away.

At this stage I don’t know what the fuck was real or imagined. But at the very least, I think you need some fucking ally, even if it is only a product of your imagination. Shit like this is what sends people into the nut house.

^ Very well said. I couldn’t handle one fraction of the weirdness that regularly comes my way without the partnership I have with spirits, especially the one I’m in a serious alliance with.

The only thing I know of that’s close to what you typed in translates to basically, a major deal that you’ve been waiting for is coming your way. Something you are seeking might be coming to fruition but don’t take my word on that. Without knowing exactly how the words were spelled there’s no telling what language it was really from. Several languages have words that are spelled similar but mean completley different things, so One misspelled letter in a word could mean the difference between the word car in french and the word shit in portuguese.

I need a spiritual wife, can I have sex with her ?

No, you need to make a proper introduction to the forum. It is one of our few rules, so please go and do that in a new thread, in the New magicians and Help category.

Please put me through

How do we begin to do this. What is the process of finding them?

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