Something screamed at me (Archangel Raphael)

So, here i am, laying in bed chanting Ra - Pha - El till i get some contact, not entirely sure if it was him but i asked him to say Raphael if he was indeed, Raphael to which they said Raphael twice, i asked them a question to which i initally heard “yes” and then i thought they departed. I think i should not the voice changed multiple times. But anyways heres where things get weird. I kind of drifted off into thought until a few minutes later i had a kind of mental ‘snap!’ And got the image of me opening a door, and thing weird creature with the head of an axolotl made of bone just started screaming? Like a inhuman SCREECH of metal sliding on metal. This happened a few more times till i felt i was kind of floating and turning like on a roller coaster with my eyes closed. I think i called out to archangel Michael because it freaked the absolute fuck out of me which may have caused the roller coaster feeling. After that i fell asleep. I think this may have been a way of Raphael telling me to use a banishing ritual and that i was letting things in that were bad for me. Anyone have any thoughts?


That’s angels for ya.
Banishing ritual. Try just working with gods and avoid that nasty mess.


Not uncommon. Angels can be brutal and dickish just like demons can.


Sometimes messages just don’t make sense when thinking about them. That’s why the goetia tells you to ask them to appear in a human form and speak clearly. It’s not the correct way to get the most out of them, but it’s the way most people can understand them easier.

This seems like it’s telling you something regarding the protection of your mind to me, but if you can’t figure it out then just evoke him and ask again.


I’ve never known Raphael to be an arsehole and scare someone to teach them a lesson, he’s normally one to just tell you what you need to be doing!?!
Was the creatures energy the same as Raphaels?


If you were intending to catch the attention of the archangel Raphael, then that’s who you contacted. Judging from your circumstances, however, I would not be too surprised if you’ve unintentionally attracted the attention of other spiritual beings as well, who may have been present while you were half-asleep and trying to make contact with Raphael.

Do you ever perform banishings? If you do not I would advise you to start doing so, as others have stated. If you’re interested in working with the archangels, there’s a modernized version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram in Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand, as well as simple though powerful ways to call upon the archangels.

The more you come into contact with spiritual beings, the more visible you will be to astral entities in general. Normally this is not a problem, especially if you have good “magickal hygiene” or use magick with some built-in safety nets, but that does not sound like it’s the case for you.

There’s no need to be scared, I really doubt any random parasites that may be attracted to you can do you any real harm. If you feed them your fear they can stick around, but if you banish they’ll go away no problem. If you’re still concerned, maybe look into Magickal Protection by Brand as well.

I wish you the best on your journey with the archangels friend :slight_smile:


They might be some illness coming or lurking. The energy of Raphael is deeply healing and sick pesky astral beings get stirred up. Vanishing and a yellow candle 7 day candle with healing and banishing herbs and oil consecrated to Raphael might do the trick.