Something scratched me in the night


I recently started invocation, and that has been going well no scary experiences just good ones, but on Satuday night I was asleep on I woke up to the distinct feeling of being scratched on my foot. There was no visible scratch but it startled me and woke me from my dream. I therefore suspect something else may have slipped though. What do you suggest I now do? Some sort of banishing?



There’s an effective ritual in Angelic Protection Magick by Ben Woodcroft that will remove parasites from you.


My succubus sometimes scratches me, maybe someone wanted your attention?


Have u worked with Azazel? I once felt something grab my thigh when I went to sleep after and evocation of him.


no I haven’t - that’s interesting!


My 30day pact with him is coming to an end soon. EA paints him as this demon to kinda fear. That’s not been my experience. Initially, due to all that was said, yes. Now…no. Like Lucifer, he too is a teacher.


I was terrified of Lucifer at first, now I have worked through that and am not any more. After my initial post I got VERY depressed… for weeks nothing would shift it. Something I did toward the end of the bought was do a type of exorcism with Lucifers help… I did feel better, and a great opportunity came my way and I feel happy again. But oh god I was going through some DARK emotions! Like has now improved considerably.


Lucifer is so chilled out. At least he understands the mistakes u make sometimes. Belial, he calls me out on my crap without 2nd guessing, I sometimes can work it out to just do what I want. He’ll give me a break depending on the sitiation. Azazel, kinda like Belial x10. Only thing, he’s not as flexible as Belial is what Ive noticed. idk about anyone else’s experience. I think in a way, he’s put me on track on where I’m supposed to be and what to do to achieve my goals.


How often do you invoke?


Every so often. Lost track since I’m working with more than 3 now. Lucifer, Belial, and now Azazel, daily evocations. Lilith too, but I’ve kinda reduced hers. Invocations, just when I feel the need too, depends.