Something outside bedroom door?

Okay, so a bit of backstory. I have had a throat infection the past week which was treated with antibiotics. I’ve finished the course now, but I still have cold/flu like symptoms with a bit of bleeding in my throat. (Burst vessel :persevere:)

Anyway, onto what the title suggests. Thursday night during sleeplessness, I decided to briefly voice call one of my friends. We talked about things in general for a bit, until he stopped and seemed to be in tune with something.

He confirmed with me that I was in my room and lying on my bed. I asked him why he was asking, and he said that he got an mental image of my bedroom, and something was standing on the other side of the door. He didn’t know what it was, but he sensed something.

My friend thinks that this entity could be aggravating my symptoms.

He goes on to say that he sensed Lucifer around me, but Lucifer wasn’t the one standing outside my door.

A night or two before this, I got an image of a brunette male sat beside my bed, watching me before telling me to sit up. The voice sounded real, but it came in a dream if that makes sense.

I’m just a bit curious to find out what this could be. I’ll do a banishing in case it’s a parasite, but I would like to hear people’s opinions too. Anyone had this before while sick?

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I haven’t had this, but I’d look into it before banishing, by contacting the brunet and Lucifer and asking them what they think of your friend’s gnosis, otherwise how will you find out?


Yeah, I’ll see what Lucifer has to say about it tonight. I have a feeling to evoke Azazel and Lucifer tonight before I sleep, so it may have something to do with whatever is at my door.

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