Something other than incence or a scrying mirror for triangle...?

So I was going through the material in the divination course and there is a section where E.A. demonstrates and instructs on how to scry into fire. Now I know what your thinking “shouldn’t this be in the ‘Mastering Divination’ section of the BALG forum??” Maybe yes, but give me a few moments to explain myself here.
So I was wondering instead of using a incense or a scrying mirror to place in the triangle of manifestation when doing evocations, could one theoretically place a bowl with a flammable liquid and use that instead. I mean, when the mirror is placed within the triangle so as to make contact with the entity, wouldn’t it be the same if we place a container with fire through which we may be able to see (or percieve) an entity? Now mind you, I haven’t tried this so I have no idea whether this will work or not or whether the theory is sound. Has anyone ever tried this before?

Yes it should work.
My second result while channeling spirits part was this:
I activated the spirits sigil, then i started gazing into a candle’s flame, i could hear the spirit for a while but i got cut out of sync (im having that problem, but soon i may get over it).

I think that it would work better than a candle’s flame.

Hand sanitizer is what I burn while scrying considering I’m not old enough to buy everclear yet. It had a nice ethereal blue flame that instantly helps me drift into the sync

Gotcha. I’m assuming you just use like the generic-type gel stuff, or is it the liquid kind?? cause honestly hand sanitizer would be way cheaper than using alcohol and alot easier to handle in my opinion.

I use the gel

a libation of alcohol inflamed would make a great scrying tool, as long as you’re careful and be aware of your surroundings to not burn down the house, it would make a great alternative. Fire is manifestation as far as im concerned and an element of creation. Would like to know more on how to properly use this in ritual, what gels can be used?,or liquids(alcohol?)

Occasionally I will use crushed up sage doused in 91% rubbing alcohol. Burns clean and for a long time. I only do this when I really want to REMOVE something from my life, though

You can buy alcohol if it is treated with something that won’t let you drink it - they call it “spirit lamp fuel” or “methylated spirits”. Should be able to get it where you buy camping supplies, maybe even at the grocery store in the outdoor section.

It’s also a lot cheaper than ethyl (drinkable) alcohol like everclear or high proof vodka/rum.