Something odd I noticed about a lot of places in my town

So, these last few weeks I’ve been driving a bit around my town, and I notice, at literally every free WiFi spot, like at restaurants, hospitals, etc. They have this filter thing. And at nearly every one of these places, sites about meta, atheism, Chakras and such. Are blocked for being “Alternate Beliefs”, yet Christian sites are allowed. What are your thoughts on this? Me, I thought we had freedom of religion, but these places seem to not be so open.

Here’s a screenshot of the message grant popped up

Again, what are your thoughts on this? I’m curious.


Sounds like something chick fil a would do since they are obsessed with Christianity lol


Yeah, I find it odd though, I mean, just because your Christian doesn’t mean other people have to believe what you believe, so what if they are of a different belief, they are still paying customers.

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Just low consciousness people being retarded and warning against stuff they have no knowledge of

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People living in fear, and people fear that which they choose not to understand. This is a fine example of fear and restrictive spiritual stifling behaviors.


I agree, people just need to take a chill pill, and open up their spectrum a bit more. But alas, fear of the unknown is something most religions have.

It’s Tacoma Washington, it’s a pretty big town

AlL tHaT lOw CoNcIOuSnEsS, but really I don’t think it’s strange if they pay for the WiFi they’re kinda able to impose their own ideals on it. I mean I’d probably do similar to a degree, not out of fear :man_shrugging:


For me I’d be like “No porn, no weapons sites, and no pirating sites”

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You say it’s free, and then you complain about it?

What? :wink:

U taking a shot at me bud :joy:

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Lmao nah

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No porn, Hentai is ok Tho :ok_hand:
(I know hentai is porn, but I’m just Reyna be funny, lol)

Use a vpn. Then you wont be blocked from anything and it’s way more secure on free public wifi

that’s weird your definitely not living in California.

Can’t use a vpn, App Store is locked

What you mean? Install the vpn first then go use public wifi?

Is this on a mobile device or laptop?

I’m still living with my parents, I’m 17 and they have my phone locked up tight, so I can’t download new apps.