Something new

Had a realization today and wanted to see if others have experienced such or if i’m reaching. Its happened a few times now. I performed an invocation to Agrat bat Mahlat a few days back. That night( and since) I haven’t really dreamed/seen/heard anything of note, but the next day after the ritual, upon waking, I had the song of “Footloose” stuck in my head. Thought it very weird, but went about my business and it quickly faded. I was in the shower thinking of when a good time to meditate and work on some new things would be and the song “In the Middle of the Night” started going through my head. Now of course songs pop into my head usually, but I noticed both of these instances seemed to have relation to something I had just done or was thinking about. Might be reaching, but it is very pronounced to me as neither of these songs are the types that I would ever listen to in any playlist lol. Is this a step towards communicating?

Often I wake up with songs already running on repeat through my head.

I find the best thing is not to question it. Something is influencing your subconscious, whether it is your own self or an outside influence. Just be open to hearing it. I don’t personally see the harm in taking this kind of thing as a sign or message, whether from inside or outside. As far as I am concerned, once you enter the current of magic, there are no coincidences.


Noted. I’ve been focused for a long time on trying to increase my clairaudience as all I seem to ever muster in sentience. Lately, I have been going back over experiences to see if there is anything to learn from them. This “songs in my mind” thing is one of those. Now that I’ve noticed it, I plan to try to recognize it more. It’s weird, to start out I felt things. Then after a few months I had a long stint where I’d hear whispers in the liminal state and get really strong vibrations anytime I tried to sleep. Now that has slowed to almost nothing and this song thing has started. Wonder if that means I’m improving or maybe i’m a magical dunce on the audience spectrum, and with the other methods of reaching out to me failing, this is a new approach.

I wake up with a song frequently. The only way I can get it out is to listen to it. No idea why, but I think Veil is right about a subconscious link of sorts. Maybe I “need” the energy/chemicals that are produced when listening to it?