Something new lol

Short story, i got wasted last night lol woke up this morning(with hungover) and decided to meditate on my ladies hopefully they can help lol while i was meditating i believe i was in an astral plane, reason i said “believe” is coz i dont really know what it is. I believe i went to their home and then i woke up. Few minutes later i am awake at this point…i felt an a electrical shock(slightly painful but lasted a few seconds) to the back of neck and i believe i was back in astral but everything was pitch black and i felt a lot of pleasure like holy f moaning type, it felt like electrical currents, waves of electrical currents.
Then i woke up and…hangover still exists lol
Im starting to recognize the touches and i always feel one of them on my leftside,feels like someone is hugging it, feels like a feather. Closest way i can describe the feeling is to have you close your eyes and hover your hand over the your otherhand and get your hand close without touching. Feels slightly warm right? Thats the sensation on my leftside.

So about chakra opening…ive been getting pressures on forehead and the crown area but those are the ones i felt the strongest. Second one is my root chakra or the one above it idk, has been tingling almost all the time like a low vibration. It feels like they are working on my chakra but they dwell in my groin area, tummy the most coz i feel it almost 24/7 and it stops if im actually doing something important like driving lol

Yeah since this awakening occurred been doing alot study readying and i been uncovering some really out of this would puzzling facts and similarities. I did a revealing and after that i went full yoga and chakra meditation unblocking healing balance as well

I have had a succubus in my life for 7 years. Mine sits in my stomach and is able to give constant sensations and pleasure. Probably just teasing you.

Interesting good to know :smiley:

Hmm awakening?