Something my friend told me about. Kinda spooky

“So it was a l lucid dream and it was realistic asf. But anyway I was walking to your house and I was on my phone. I heard a noise to my left so I looked up and all I see it this black mass of fur. It starts running at me and I starting running to the nearest house. The thing caught up to me and all I remember is teeth sinking into my neck and a shot awake. I could feel the pressure from the bite on my neck when I woke up. I went and looked in the mirror and my neck was completely red” (He said it looked exactly like the creature in this video)

What’s odd is the same night I tried to go to sleep and was immediately woken up as soon as I had a nightmare as soon as I fell asleep, and the context of the dream was about a demon fucking with me, and or fucking me (I cant remember it that well, besides the general context)

Also the spot where it ‘bit’ him actually hurts physically when I touch his neck where he said he got bit (seeing if it would cause pain) It wasnt terrible pain, just pain. also he said the area is tingly…

What do you guys think of this?

Do you have a spiritual protector? If so then your protector might not like your pal ( and in that case I’d question if he’s your pal at all)

As far as the Demon fucking you in your dream at the same time, I don’t know if that matters unless this Pal or you have attractions to the other, in that case the Demon might be acting like a jealous lover marking his territory and you need to set up BOUNDARIES ( assuming this Demon is pleasant and you want him around, if not then banish and then sheild yourself )

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Brother, that’s a SERIOUSLY fucking BAD omen. Start doing some cleansing, salt bath right now. And if you are Christian, start praying.

I remember in A. Crowley’s book where a mage finally decided to kill a witch who was messing with his student and in astral body went in front of that witch’s door, drew the sign of Saturn. within few moments the witch had dream of demons raping her! That very day she commited suicide!