Something is following me

I have something following me. It comes in my sleep and induces sleep paralysis. I have managed to get strong enough to shrug her off. It’s a her, I can feel her.

Now here’s the serious issue. When she comes and test to take energy from me she does not stop at me. My friends have the same experiences as me. Excerpt they don’t know what’s going on. My sister has experienced it to when I stayed at her house one night.

I can tell draws energy through your dreams by making a emotional connection. For instance my sister had a dream where she was changing a tire and someone was yelling at her for doing it wrong. She can’t stand being criticized. She woke in a panic. My dream was similar. In my dream I was in a dark amusement park. Tried to play on my fears. It didn’t work. Their was small girl in school girl uniform… similar to the creepy one from silent hill. Years of experiencing this has taught when someone else is in my dream. I beat her in my dream by telling her to “take a hike”.

I want to know how to talk to this spirit, demon, or whatever she is. I don’t want her to go away. I want to experience her on my own terms.

Please take this serious.

It happened recently and my friend told me he had a bad dream after I told about mine. I found e a koeting a day later and I’ve been hooked upon reading about him.


First of all do you have any kind of magical, spiritual, psychic background at all? Knowing what your background is can help on what kind of advice to give you.

If your able to tell when some kind of entity is in your dreams and your able to get rid of it in your dreams what’s stopping you from communicating with it in your dreams?

I have used Sygil magick quite a bit. Evocation once… but it wasn’t in a ritual. Not sure if was contacting him or he was contacting me.

The spirit takes energy from my friends and I. Induces sleep paralysis in us. My Friends have seen her. When they wake up they see her. Ive felt her and she’s tried to trick me in many ways. Pretending to be my mother, taking form of women I trust, even women I’m scared of. I find her fascinating and I have never tried to talk t o her.

I too have felt that I am being watched… Only in certain places in my home, its not threatening or physically changing my environment but I can def sense something. Also it seems my house just gets me pist off! lately. First thing in the morning when I leave I feel excited in my car and almost euphoric (not knowing if its me leaving the house or what) Would lbrp help this situation any??

Yeah, LBRP should help, Jacob, as recently I was taught that it helps to remove your presence or energy from the spirits observations or interactions as well as having the effect of neutralizing or cleaning out the energy of an area. According to Robert Bruce, starting the pentagram drawing from the bottom left banishes the earth element where supposedly most of the unwanted stuff originates from.

Do you have to keep on doing it? Say every month or so, or is it a once and done. I know if I’m evoking or what not and things happen again that I would have to do it again but if your not does it usually work and keep working, if you know what I mean.

I’m personally doing it everyday just 'til I totally get the hang of it as I’d never bothered to learn it before. I see it as self initiatory which is another personal reason I’m doing it daily. It’s probably a good idea to keep it up daily/or until whatever it is that is following you goes away, if it is causing you problems or concern. It’s really up to you how often you do it. Some banish daily and some not very often at all. Seems to be a lot of differing views on the subject. My advice would be to keep it up as it is like giving your magical muscles an exercise every day and once you know it well enough to have great effect, then just use as needed whether it be once a week, once a month or only after evocation.

I’ve recently gotten back into banishing. I use I Am’s solar banishing ritual, it’s really effective and once you get the hang of it you can do it very quickly and easily. If you perform the middle pillar or invoke omnipotence and perform the banishing ritual it is even more effective and I find I only need to banish about once a week.

Here is a link to the grounding/banishing exercise I mentioned

One downside to banishing too often seems that you become overly sensitive in my experience. Being able to sense energies around is not a bad thing but having them affect you is another all together, I found myself needing to Amish if I was around too many people or around extremely negative people. I seemed to pick up on those emotions or energies feel like it was enveloping me. I found my happy medium with the once a week banishing. I had stopped all banishings and cleansing for a while and did notice an increase in things in my home but I have been doing a lot of work since the first of the year. I find with a once a week cleansing I’m able to be sensitive enough to notice/feel surrounding energies but not uncomfortable with negative energy, I can recognize it for what it is and still let it roll off me.

What if I want to communicate with it?

Faust, if you want to talk to the entity I would suggest you attempt to do so in your dreams first, you stated you were able to make her leave your dreams so that at least gives you the option to get rid of her should it be too intense.

If you have your astral senses developed you could communicate with it that way, I would not attempt this unless you have your astral/psychic self defenses developed.

Are their places to go to learn this kind of thing?

It’s instinctive reactions in my dreams and when I’m half awake. The hAlf awake is when I tell her to take a hike.

What do you make of this? Is this a thing that happens often??

This is a good place to start as well as several other forums dedicated to magic and occult studies and practice. Read up on these forums and google what you don’t understand instead of just asking someone on a forum. Often you’ll find several different explanations that are well thought out and put together and you can choose for yourself which ones make sense to you and which don’t.

When your in the half awake stage that is a fantastic time to choose to try and communicate with the entity. Your brain and body are in a very different state than when your fully aware and awake. Ask it what it wants or why it is following you.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me regularly even before I got back into banishing. I don’t believe I’ve ever been victim to a parasitic or vampiric entity. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a low level astral nasty that has chose to follow you around, given that you can send it off so easily.

Faust, the half awake time is when I’m affected. 2 nights ago right in between awake and asleep, I could feel something entering me not sexual lol, and I became paralyzed, at once I flew up off the couch in a panic attack, my lips and head were numb, and it was fucked up, I usually go to bed at 9 that night I didn’t sleep till 2:30, truly terrifying.

Smudging helps as well

Yes that’s the feeling. I’m going to make contact using Koeting’s YouTube evocation class. I post results.

You can use this, form the book “Evoking eternity” by E.A. Koetting, it cleanes the area of all emergies whatsoever.

“Ashtu malku ta dat arkata Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal krez ta felta Vaskalla regent met senturus Ta sastrus estos melta Kelta, kelta, ketla hine.”

X. Do you just say it? Do you have to repeat it so many times?

Jakob420, you say it out loud, with authority and with a sure knowledge of the pontency of the words! it also says in the book

“At the speaking of this exorcism, the apparent illumination and
the composition of the air itself will lighten, and usually with no more
than three repetitions, the Temple will be as it was before the evocation”.

I’m looking for a location to perform it. Home didn’t seem smart considering I’m not the only one here