Something is biting me on my toe

So for the past few weeks some being has been biting me on my left ring toe finger and its stops whenever I banish and it belive it’s a parasite but could it he something else or a sign of some things and if it is a para site how do I kill it ?

Biting you on your toe? Well, maybe it has a foot fetish.

If you simply want it gone, just do a banishing ritual.


:thinking: do you have any essential oils? Anoint the attachment spot with hyssop or peppermint or lime oils should help! Also soak it in a hot water with salts! Should help removing any negative attachment to the spot!


Could be a Tokoloshe. They love biting the feet according to their lore. Use EA’s white light blast.


I do but it always comes back

Can only salt help ?

If it is a tokoloshe that means someone is sending it my way and trying to haunt me right?

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If you’re not experiencing signs of a parasitic attack, then it could just be something trying to get your attention. Have you tried communicating with it in some way? Or giving it another way to get your attention, such as raps or knocks?

What are the signs?

No I haven’t

Well i sometimes hear footsteps , and breathing but I think the footsteps are the guys who live above me ( I live in a apartment) and the breathing are parents or grandparents from the next beacause I have superhuman level hearing at night

Well, it could be anything from lethargy to mood swings to lack of any emotion… Some say they attach to chakras, other that they attach wherever and feed as they please. Some of the more advanced ones try to woo you in some way first. In all cases, it’s considered a negative experience, with negative emotions/thoughts, and no significant benefits. Here is one entry that’s pretty telling of the experience :

I feel ya here. Sound gets amplified at night as it is and if you have above-average hearing to begin with…

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Well I am sure now that I am under a parasitc attack and everything in my life is going to shit and I am trapped in a circle of hope ,rage/motivation , despair and repeat ,and whenever the despair part comes it hits harder that the last one

(The post that you linked is private so I can’t view it )

What does that mean ??

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Not to be that guy but that kind of pain can be a symptom of lower back problems. Specifically the nerve in the L3/L4 area on the side where the pain is.

Source: Ruptured L4/L5, bulging L3/L4 and L2/L3. One surgery. Daily (legally prescribed) low dose opioid along with two other non-opioid pain killers. The outside of my left foot still feels like someone lit a match under it sometimes.

Turns out beating the crap out of yourself in martial arts and the Army in your 20s has long term consequences.


I am damn sure it’s not that :joy:

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Juuuust making sure all the bases get covered.

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Sorry about that. Here is what Rias said :

“Well they pretty much amplify negative emotions or produce them even when I’m happy.
For me its extremely intense and having to deal with depression and stuff makes it a lot worse.
The slight amount of pain I’m experiencing multiple 10× and pretty much creates blockages.
You can also block the spirits out unconsciously.”


“In my case the only thoughts they generate is doubt, criticism, making me feel worthless, never good enough, pathetic, stupid, horrible as a person… and the list can go on.
I’ve never heard a good thing from them in this amount of time. They try to put me down and stop everyone who tries to help me.”

I would start banishing daily until it’s gone, then maybe drop it down gradually, until it loses interest in you and goes somewhere else. You could also petition a Deity or Angel/Demon to intervene, if you’d rather.


Could but you need something to stay on your skin 24/7 to prevent any sneaky feeding

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Well, does it hurt? Bitting only your toe sounds like a playful entity. Out There is not just angel and demons and fairies, there are millions of different beings and not all negative.
Many of them like to play tricks not only to amuze themselves but also to make you lough.
Their sense of humor is not the same as ours :man_shrugging:
A negative being i think would have scratch you bite whole legs and arms and you would strongly feel its presence and you would feel fear and dread

Have you ever had a cat passing over to the otherside?

How is the bitting? Is it fast like rabbit munching on a carrot :carrot: or slow and you can also feel some tongue action rolling around the toe?
Does it hurt?
Does it leave some kind of marks?
Do you feel drained?


Could be. I don’t know.

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Yep … All that’s happens in my case I hurts more and more everytime to the point that it physically hurts me in my root chakra

I would create a servitor or write petition to archangel Michael to kill it thanks, I think it’s because of the parasite that I have been suffering a lot and hopefully this cycle of failure will end … Thanks


I have an emerald amulet that I wear 24/7
Is there any way I can use this amulet to protect me ???