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Okay so i had a dream last night. Not gonna go into every detail of it, but i want some opinions on one part of it. In the dream, i was exploring a giant estate and i came upon an outside area where there were babies trapped in a sort of furnace…but they werent dead or burning…however they were very deformed/sick. I tried to take a picture of them on my phone, but when i put them in focus, they looked like totally normal, healthy babies, but to the naked eye they looked horrid…so i couldnt collect proof of their deformaties for others to see. It kind of looked like they may be a sacrifice of some sorts…but what i do remember is that the chamber/furnace they were in was called Morrigan.

Now ive never heard of the name before so i googled it and apparently shes a goddess of war and fertility from more celtic traditions. Not sure if there is any real link here between what i saw and this entity but id love to hear peoples thoughts. @Aiden_Crow i noticed youve been working with her a lot so perhaps you have some idea. Again, this is the first time im even hearing of this entity


The morrigan is a goddess worshipped highly in my country, since I’m Celtic I began in working with here just as my ancestors did.

She does have the ability to work through your dreams, she’s known to show things on a darker side, a baby could represent, innocence.

The deformity and furnace could represent a transmutation a process of change.

Since she is a goddess of life and death in balance, makes sense why you would see such things.

Perhaps she’s trying to strip your of the last innocent essence inside of you.

Call here and ask here.


Interesting. What has been your experiences with her? She seems like a good entity to call upon for baneful works


To be honest she’s a loving sweet entity, the Celtic tradition work with the true morrigan she’s a lovely entity.

She actually doesn’t work in the baneful aspects although she’s considered a necromantic goddess, she reveals knowledge and secretes of the after life and the process of life and death.


Could be, could not be. One way to find out. Open the door, see if it’s open.
She is many things and is capable of many things. She transforms you.[quote=“Verdo, post:1, topic:19608”]
goddess of war and fertility from more celtic traditions

She is so much more, look up Joey Morris on YouTube, you’ll see. [quote=“C.Kendall, post:2, topic:19608”]
Perhaps she’s trying to strip your of the last innocent essence inside of you.

Or his fears. [quote=“C.Kendall, post:4, topic:19608”]
To be honest she’s a loving sweet entity,

Indeed, she’s kind until provoked.[quote=“C.Kendall, post:4, topic:19608”]
She actually doesn’t work in the baneful aspects

Actually I have noticed different. Someone intruded on my property in the astral, let’s say they didn’t walk out in one piece, she wasn’t having it.[quote=“C.Kendall, post:4, topic:19608”]
although she’s considered a necromantic goddess

She can teach that. But so much more.

Some link her to Morgan le fae. She’s a shapeshifter, a warrior, a sorceress, a healer, a faery queen, a psychopomp. She can offer a lot. She is a triple goddess thought to be composed of three goddesses, instead of the traditional moon phases. These goddesses are usually Macha,Badb, Anu/Nemain. Exploring these aspects will teach you more. She’s also a goddess of sex. I’ll be back with more


How do you usually go about summoning her? And yeah id love to hear your experiences with her…though im mostly interested in the practical application of her in my daily life versus mysticism and gnosis

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Call her like you would call any spirit, it’s all the same.




Ah okay, because i typically use sigils, but i guess ill see what i can do with just her name


The triquetra can work as one.



Awesome! Thank you

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Funny, I had convinced myself that I’d seen that name as well and then I found this…


Thank you for linking this thread.

In her mythology she only had two male children. (Of what I’ve read so far.) Both had some physical problem that caused their deaths. I don’t remember what killed one but the other was a beautiful blonde like Lugh. He was perfect in every way like Baldor from Norse mythology except his heart, it housed 3 serpents that if ever released would destroy the world.

The other gods wanted to kill him but Morrigan refused. Eventually they found away to get him away from her protections and killed him. The Curse she layed on the killer was sever.

Morrigan will not hesitate to kill for her own but she does what she wants when she wants too and sometimes it might not make sense to the Magician but she always works for your best interests. I’ve never had problems with her coming if you call her but her response won’t always be what you expect.

As Badb she has what Joey Morris (love her stuff btw, very informative!) called a Death Scream. It’s very powerful and can drive your enemies insane but I’ve also had great sucess with transformation magic from Badb.

Morrigan is very much Mother to me regardless of her form but she’s different for everyone I’ve noticed.

Have you had any luck with her?


Your explanation was fabulous.


thats quite interesting. Never knew about the issue with her kids. Now it makes more sense. I’m actually looking to use her for something specific soon…since her name popped back into my head after EAs recent video…so ill let you know how it goes. id love to hear any experience you have had with her getting stuff done for you too

It’s a little hard to pinpoint things with Morrigan. If she decides to fully come into your life she’s part of all aspects of it and assists were she feels the need. Don’t get me wrong I can call her and ask for specific help but she is always in the background.

Maybe this past year could be an example.
She got me much needed medical attention, a raise, got rid of a couple of managers I hated working for and now she’s helping me ween myself off medications I no longer need.

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i see i see. I just find it so odd that she would come to me honestly. I have no celtic or european roots that i know of, and before the dream, i hadnt even heard of the name before. i did have an important baneful task at the time which has yet to be completed so maybe she can help

btw…do you have a special way or sigil that you use to call her?

Is this the morrigans sigil?

Maybe she knows of something that’s going to happen and wants to assist you?
I’ve heard of her doing that before.

I started out with candles I’d dedicate and use her name Morrigan or one of her aspects (Macha, Badb, Anu) if I wanted to be specific. I use a Trinity Triskele as a sigil.

I’ve been thinking of making a more personal one for her, I’d be happy to share it when I get it done. :slight_smile:

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