Something I wish Wiccans would realize

I wonder if his private persona consists of Head Banging to Heavy Metal.

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Just because someone is articulate or can talk the talk doesn’t mean they are all they say they are or legit. There are quite a few that could put on convincing displays and make a good speech. They usually run off of belief and thoughtforms created by their believers or outright tricks. In some cases they use the modicum of natural talent they have to make pacts for quick power but they usually end up little more than vessels for these beings with their power being dependent on their patrons good graces.

Now how much this relates to EA is your decision I’m keeping my opinion on that to myself but there are others with reputations they don’t deserve and you should always be wary until you can find proof otherwise of someone’s power or source thereof. Too many are fooled by false gurus and it wouldn’t do to unintentionally become one of those.


I’ve never understood the hate for E.A. As I said I’ve worked with him one-on-one on several occasions and he’s been nothing but extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Reading his books I can also see a lot of parallels to my own experience, which tells me he’s not just faking it. There is certain knowledge that can only come about by authentic life experience.

Of course, as you said, you can think what you like, but why default to thinking he’s fake without a very good reason?


I never said what I thought of him just that appearances can be very deceiving in general. I don’t think he is a fake necessarily just a tad overrated the same way most popular figures get overrated by their fans. I also do not quite agree on some of his approaches feeling they are unnecessarily sloppy and dangerous but that likely stems from the differences in my practice which while it allows for a lot of stuff has very strict core mechanics and beliefs which aren’t really compatible with his methods without a lot of modification. I see him basically on a knifes edge between success and disaster more so than most in magick and the potential backlash he might incur is devastating and I am not talking about things like the modern idea of karma either. I can respect what he has achieved and adapt his work to my own but I still think he takes far too many unnecessary risks and lets vain pride go to his head a bit too much.


Dancing naked around a camp fire to ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ is fun!

Gerald Gardner was an associate of Aleister Crowley, that’s why you’ll find his influence in modern Wicca. The young Maxine Sanders looked great, as did Janet Farrar!



So to reply on that same level, where’s your body of work, either studying occult principles and writings or (dare one ask_ actually practicing them), that exceeds his last many years documented in books and on YouTube? :man_shrugging:

I see you there @anon47923162 doing more muttering darkly about how awful/foolish/lame other people are as though you’re the reality police. Nice post history, especially this, from just one year ago:

Wish you’d keep it more real, do more of this kind of thing Evocation of Bael than go round rating other people as you have been wont to do recently, but it’s your choice.


Perhaps I have grown quite a bit and also grown weary of frauds leading others astray who would otherwise have a chance to make something of themselves but in case you haven’t noticed I have put out a lot of practical work as well. Including recently some of what I have been working on with Jupiter, chaos magick, even some basic mental work that can give you some very good tools to use.

Don’t forget my work on necromancy as well. In fact the majority of my stuff is either practical work or advice to others to help them along. If I wish to express my opinion now and then I am certainly going to do so and if I want to rate something in comparison to how I see it from my perspective I can certainly put forth the differences as I see them. It seems a bit like you are cherry picking here but perhaps that is your opinion as I know we aren’t exactly each others favorite people.

Oh, but if you want to play with something interesting just wait for my latest antics. I got a copy of NAP figured it would be fun to try out perhaps I will even revitalizing the book spirit and someone who can check from their view when that is done could be in for something interesting.

Of course I am always up for a friendly chat for a change if you ever want to discuss any particular form of magick or maybe interesting spirits, spells, etc. I might have quite an ego I will admit but I do get results and am always happy for a chat.


I have nothing whatsoever against you except this recent trend towards rating people and making dark mutterings about things. It seems very corrosive and I bothered addressing it here because I know you’re not just some idle troll or larper.

Your work can be really good and you give some people good advice, but the role of reality-police that’s crept in recently does not sit well with anyone, and the more experience you acquire, the more you will realise this.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many truly great people and they always manage to keepo their criticisms constructive because they are not competing, they see the bigger picture and the potential in the striver that they themselves once were. :+1:

Looks great!

Well overdue, I keep wishing his daughter would republish it as e-books, maybe chuck that request into the NAP spirits for me? :smiley:


I will say the book seems to rely on the same enhanced power of belief and faith that my recent works have been dealing with rather than energetic technique and enhances it with the passive and active energies stored in traditional words of power. Oh also it the entire book seems to mix well to the background tunes of electro swing music. Really livens up the reading.


So how much I share my personal Gnosis with others has a direct correlation with how accomplished I am? I see where your priorities are. It’s the same as saying just because Kanye West has a large following and a lot of record sales means that he makes good music and is a decent person. You will find the opposite to be true.


I think you’re missing the point and taking this out of context. It’s easy to be an armchair critic and put down the hard work of others while not bothering to try walk a mile in their shoes, and there’s no reason for us to think you have any merit at this point. You said:

I honestly think E.A is a fool that just spews stuff out that is barely half researched to anyone who throws money his way.

That’s fine, but what you have to back up this assertion? Can you put your money where your mouth is?

It doesn’t matter how well accomplished you think you are, if you expect people to take your criticisms seriously, you need to find a way for them to perceive you as accomplished. Otherwise you’re just another jealous armchair critic that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Personally I don’t think you can have well read EA books, watched many of his videos, or followed up on the background if you think he’s not well researched.


Now I said something I should probably respond to the OP:

I don’t think I think enough of it to dislike it. I don’t do religion at all. Somehow it’s just not a thing that sticks to me and I end up ignoring it, and only have issues when religious people start acting in ways I judge as against my code. Wiccan’s can be evil and human garbage just as much as the next human, and I don’t think people like that need the religion to give them an excuse, but hey, it’s there and it’s handy.


I do not have to prove anything to you or anyone else. From my experience compared to his, he is a fool in my eyes. I don’t need to prove anything to anybody. That’s the beauty of religion and the like.

@Maulbeere more or less read my mind with this part:

My point is that you are calling him an actual fool because of claims he does not research his stuff. He’s neither an armchair magician nor an armchair critic, he seems to take what he finds and explore it with direct spirit contact. If that occasionally contradicts something written in a book hundreds of years later (and often by someone who does not believe the spirits mentioned are real, or, who does not work with magick at all) that’s to be expected.

No, it’s the same as saying that like him or loathe him, Kanye knows a lot more about being a celebrity in the music business than you do because he’s actually doing it, and has been doing it successfully for years.

I despise Madonna and many things about her but that does not take away from her skill and accomplishments within a tough industry, and I would readily concede her knowledge of that industry and of being a performing artist and creative in her own field is vastly superior to my own. I still dislike her.

The wider cultural trend of finding someone with whom one disgarees, and instead of treating that like a mature difference arrived at in good faith on both sides, deriding that person as mad, bad, or stupid, degrades the quality of not just internet comments but the entire social and political climate, and I think you may be falling a bit into the trap of thinking he is at least stupid (a “fool”) and possibly scamming people (bad) or delusional (mad) just because, for whatever reason, you have not had the same experiences as him and therefore have arrived at different conclusions.


I had the funniest thoughts about you last week. A conspiracy theory that your forum name is somehow involved with you dancing with madonna in one of her shows and perhaps dancing in your own at one point. But why do you hate or dislike her?


You nothing about who I am or what I do especially in the music industry or my spiritual path. I do not hold him to very high regard and nothing you are going to say can change that. I know I would give him money for lessons or whatever.

That is a total diversion. I am assuming you don’t combine your black magick and music industry stuff with piloting a nuclear submarine?

Same concept: the people actually doing that specific line of work know more about it than any amount of onlookers, no matter how well-read.

Yep, I did that in between nuclear submarine gigs, lion-taming, and flying space shuttles. :laughing:

My forum name is my real name, a mistake I made since I had not intended to remain on the forum for long, with Lady attached because I usually strive to be one.

Because she’s a multi-millionaire who despises working class American and European “populist” movements, and lobbies for open borders, while living behind secure walls and fences with armed guards. Any more in-depth answer would disrespect forum rules.


speaking of wiccans, i wonder if Spellsofmagic is as bad as it was a decade ago… :thinking:

even their own Fortune teller bot says it is.


No, that’s the beauty of stubborn ignorance. Although many religions have fallen into stubborn ignorance, that isn’t the essence of religion at all: if you can’t prove what you’re saying, it has no value.

What is your experience and why does it make you view him as a fool? I’m certainly not a fan of EA, but even a quick glance at his energy shows that he is competent. It’s one thing to say he’s an adept magician who uses good marketing to squeeze money out of those too naive to see through the act, but it’s another to call him a fool. No one capable of drumming up his kind of following with what I would argue is fairly basic stuff could ever be considered a fool.
Is he somekind of master? I’d say certainly not. Is he decent at what he does and does he have a good head on his shoulders? Certainly.


The cringe is real.