Something I Want To Ask Demons But Can't On My Own

I know this is probably not the answer you are seeking…Follow through with the book you have purchased. It takes time to learn these things…Also it is advisable to practice meditation to build focus and find the hidden things within yourself…

Echoing this. The only way you’ll really come into your own power is to awaken yourself, and I’ve never known an easy way to do so. Read through the forums, there is a lot of excellent info, especially for newer magicians.

If you really want to know now, and can’t wait to figure it out for yourself, book a consult with EA. It’s a chunk of change, but for piece of mind, it’s pretty cheap. As you get an hour of his time, I would have a number of questions ready for him. He could probably focus on that initial divination for you, but if there is time left in the consult, you may as well learn as much as you can.

work through works of darkness. You want to focus on the darkness meditation and visualization, you can sit in a pitch black room and visualization items in the air. Should be easy because there is no visual stimuli… You can also drop e.a. Or dante some cash for a possession. Dante probably goes 1500 and e.a. goes 2500

I highly doubt you’re possessed. It isnt something that occurs commonly

It is possible an entity might be attached to you though, it probably isn’t a demon though.

no it isn’t possible

You have an eternal spirit. One that had existed before, now, and will continue on after this incarnation. You may be a demon or an angel who has taken a body but I don’t think you are what came after you that night. That was an attacker, feeding off of your fear, pain and sickend body. If there are remnants of this entity in your spirit body expell it. As well as your other weaknesses. Power is there and ready for you to take it.

I highly doubt your an angel or demon (99.99999% sure) Fluffy. But yes, even you can be evoked, as can I and anyone else who’s alive, you can evoke fictional characters like Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo if you like lol. from what I understand nothing will happen to you if you are evoked, you won’t feel faint or weird or anything. Think about it, when you soul travel, your in more than one place at once, essentially you can be omnipresent. The spiritual side to you cannot be quantified or measured so you can be evoked a billion times at the same time without it affecting you, so your safe. Newtonian and quantum physics can’t be applied to something extra dimensional because they’re schools of thought that relate to everything up to the fourth dimension (time).

Hope this helps.

Regardless of your nature, your spirit may be evoked. I’m not sure what you are, but likely you’re human. If you are evoked it would probably cause you to feel sleepy, foggy and a bit tripped out. Well at least that’s what I’ve heard.

I have on one occasion created a duplicate of myself while astral projecting. I pulled my reflection out of the mirror and then did kung fu drills with my double. Another interesting occurrence was switching my active conscious between myself and my reflection in the mirror.

I wouldn’t worry too much about whether you’re an angel or demon. Your higher self will reveal yourself to you in time. Know thyself!

Create your own Sigil if you want. But it’s kind of pointless unless Someone is specifically trying to evoke you. I guess that would be a convenient way to astral travel to another person. Have them give you a sigil that represents themselves, open it and then project to them. Just a thought.