Something I really don't get about Tarot

Hi I am writing since I’ve been following this forum for a while now and it seems there may be people here who can actually help me out with my problem.

So I have been wanting to achieve something for a while now, namely get that dream “thing”. I prepared an application and sent it (to clarify, all the documents were in order and I met all the criteria, and so on and so forth), in the course of days and months of gruesome waiting that followed I asked few different Tarot Readers about how will it go and when should I expect to hear back the hopefully good news regarding my application. Whenever I asked I always heard back that I should expect the positive answer regarding my application sometime in the fall of previous year (2021), as it happens the fall came and went and no reply whatsoever came to me. In the meantime, I grew so impatient that I approached some other Readers, but none of them was able to give me a precise answer, the only answer was: ”you will definitely get it, be patient”. Can anybody explain to me why not a single Reader was able to give me the precise date? I am really at a loss here. Assuming that all of them were wrong seems a bit too far-retched to me. And another issue is, is there any other way of getting the answer I want?

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Well first off…magick doesn’t work that way. You’re almost never going to get a precise date on when things are going to come about. Divination can tell you about the likelihood of things happening, but not exactly when its going to happen. If a precise date is the answer you want, I’d take that out of your head immediately because you aren’t likely going to get one.

The second issue is that 90 - 95% of tarot readers I’ve seen are bad at tarot reading. Only five to ten percent of them actually know how to read tarot properly, The only solution is to find the ten percent or so that actually does know how to read tarot. Using EA’s services probably will be of some use to you, if you can afford it.


Tarot is meant for advice. Almost all divination is. Not only that, dates can change and vary depending on circumstances, what you’re doing, etc. Even when working with entities, when I petition them to do something I always ask “approximately how long will this take?” for basic estimation, and they never say an exact date. They say “about a week” or “a few months” and so on, which is fine for me since I’m mostly just curious, but that’s really how it’s just going to be.

The only time I have ever been able to give a semi-accurate date was “at the border of summer and spring.” The most accurate was an entity that promised “by the end of the month” and the literal last day of that month I received what I was asked, which is very literal but not always the case. There is a reader here who has a thread “Telling When with Tarot” and its accurate to a degree in my experience helping them by asking for a few readings, but not perfectly exact.

There are far too many circumstances in place to ever be able to pinpoint an exact date for something, even spellcasting.


Your answers are really eye-opening, I thought I didn’t get the precise answer, because I am a “noob”, but from what I am seeing here it seems to be a rule rather than an exception.

Readings deal in probabilities, not certainties. They can tell you what is most likely to happen, if the circumstances stay on their current trajectory, but not necessarily what will happen, or when it will happen.


I’ve never understood how some readers calculate timing, I just fail to see the logic in it, unless the spread calls for a date.
There are probably a hundred or more tarot spreads. If an issue is that great, I advise a different spread than the Celtic Cross, possibly the wheel layout per “The Golden Dawn” by Regardie in the section near Book T; “The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot” has some good spreads as well that are 3-13 card spreads.

I think in your case, you should have a split hexagram spread to see the Spiritual Advice and the Practical Advice, use both of the advice to your advantage, since the final outcome depends on you implementing and using both sets of advice. This is in either Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 of “Modern Magick” by Kraig.


Many have already covered the answer. I’d like to add by saying that nothing is fixed, it’s in flux. Even your “destiny”. You can make a decision that might affect you later but not immediately. Tarot and divination as mentioned, are only for advice and guidance and not solid answers.

What will happen is not solely dependent on what you wish, there are other people involved as well so it’s a broader picture than what meets the eye imo. If most of the readings have been positive then you will get it. There’s probably something you need to learn and then make space for the oppurtunity to come to you. For example, you apply for a job but on weekdays your hands are full, with no plans of how you’ll manage it after you start work.

Let’s say you picked up carpenting/woodworking and you do it during the time that would be your office hours. Your hands are full, your schedule is full, where is the space for the job? (if it’s a scheduled/fixed job, not if you can pick your hours).

As I said, many factors involved and not just the fact that magick has no specific time limit like that. You also have to be in the state of receiving it and not pushing it away. I hope this helps.