Something I noticed

Is it normal to start hating people? Not necessarily hating that person, but hating the fact that they conformed. I’ll see people older than me( I’m 19) mid 20s, and early thirties that seem to have given up on life and are more than happy just skating by. How can anyone have a mindset like that? It feels me up with so much rage, even though I don’t know them. Seeing wasted potential walking around like that. It strikes me with fear, but also gives me the drive to do all I can, while I’m still alive. I’m just ranting I guess. I wonder if other people on this forum have the same feeling I do.


Lol yeah lots of us get to this point. It frustrates the fuck out of me to watch


It’s odd.
Today it’s really gotten to generation vs generation. The younger feels the older doesn’t do enough and the older feels the younger is lazy and tide pod eaters.

No one wants to just work together anymore.

I’d say both generations act the way you described, age isn’t really an issue from my experience. We just have to break the herd mentality of not trying and letting others control life.

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Yes I feel that way too at times, not hate but pity. But I would warn to be careful not to project any dissatisfaction for your own life into others. If you’re depolarizing yourself, your subconscious will start bringing up all kinds of wild stuff as it resists being reprogrammed. I’m guilty of judging people too. It can be a good motivator for self-improvement.


I’ve been dealing with this semi-recently. Something about certain people’s energy will repulse me and make me want to barf. I feel like I should cleanse myself just being within a few feet of them. It’s even happened with photos I’ve seen, been sent, of people. Yuck.

I just keep my distance from them internally and don’t speak to them any more than is cordially necessary.


Oh I get this all the time, but I also realize that I am a greater fool for giving a fuck what anyone else does instead of focusing on me. You are not wrong, though. The planet is infested with meat golems.

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Yup. You are not alone my friend. This path changes the way you see things. And feel about them. I can’t stand weak and lazy. So when I see it, oh boy does it urk me. That don’t think for yourself attitude also drives me insane. I tell people look. I don’t care what you do or believe. But just know WHY you’re doing or believing it. Don’t just follow. THINK! LEARN! Understand. And make an informed choice!! I think that is Lucifer’s influence on me but I have always been an independent thinker and i analyzed and studied things and if it didn’t make sense to me then i don’t care if everyone around me says this is how we do it, I am going to do what makes sense to me. I do not care about the ridicule or peer pressure. I was ridiculed by my family. So… i still made my choices and did what fit me. I am still this way. That is what this path gives us. Strength, a thinking mind and independence. I say judge. That’s fine. But remember they may never have been exposed to someone who thinks as you do. So i feel for them and i try to open their eyes and spark them to start looking, questioning and thinking for themselves. Our society squashes that at an early age. Remember that. So help where you can. Set an example and live your life like a free man/woman and THINK like a god.


Recently I have experienced that repulsion with people I was close with in the past. Their energy is like bleh! It’s mostly really slave-minded people.


Break the chains and give them a chance.

I recently used magick to break my parents out of a group they had been attending. It was like a Messianic Jewish bible study. Absolutely zero spirituality, only following OT laws and talking about how the Messiah was represented by them, a Michael Rood scenario. His history is accurate, and he’s an excellent scholar. Here was my problem, they were being led by a fake asshole. So my magick exposed him. He recorded a conversation with a new member against his will and sent it to the wrong person by accident. He meant to send it to his wife I suppose to make fun of how weird he was or something. But my parents were like that’s just wrong, who does that? So they left and now they are speaking to me again and becoming open-minded. The power of that cult is broken from them.


I honestly try to focus so much on my own ascent, that the average joe doesn’t bother me so much. We all have our own destiny, let them play their parts and live your own life dwelling in peace and power.

I will say though, it often feels alienating to be on a path for beauty and knowledge that only you can walk, but it’s better than having your will be absorbed by the collective organism known as culture. Culture guides our thoughts and actions, but we cannot allow it to limit us. We cannot allow it to stifle our desires.

That is the anger I feel; it’s how I overcome my own challenges and get up out of bed everyday. It is a burning fire that consumes you, black in color and heat. It strives towards the end goal of knowledge, power, and domination. It is the way that lights the path to your own destiny.

The Black Light is the Light of Power.


Shit… Angel Number 1111 boi :joy:

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Can i say it??? Lolololol! HALLELUJAH!!! That was great!!! I cant believe how many of us came from that same paradigm. Michael Rood was one of my favorite preachers and I did the same things. Messianic Jewish stuff. Their holidays and clean eating. I even went to synagogue and tried all the way jew. Lol! Then i tried Islam. Then i realized it was all corrupted bullshit and went back to where i started. To the one who was actually leading me and waiting patiently. He knew i would not just take his word for it but had to experience it and see it for myself. So i had quite the ride back to the beginning!!!

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It is only natural to hate people at your age, specially if you can see or sense what they still can’t, or just having a sharp mind, one of the expressions used about the mass is " sheep" and sheep just follow the flock, no matter what happens!
Been in this forum also means you are not following the flock anymore, not because of the forum, but about the message this place vehiculate, freedom to do anything you wish and wants!

maybe inside of you ,you are more compassionate then you think, you can’t stand people going right in to the wall, you think it is silly and stupid, and you wish you could do something about it, but you can’t!
So you begin to hate them to be so weak, but you wish they would be like you!

I am a old goat,lol, now and i have been at your place before, soon or later you will just give up in hating people, just because you will see your energy doesn’t need to be wasted like that!^^