Something i haven't heard of

So, I haven’t personally heard of this, maybe some of you have, or have even done it yourselves. I was wondering, would it even be possible to evoke the spirit of a dead person? Like, say I had an urn containing that dead person, personal items, pictures, ect. The person in mind has been dead several years. I was wondering if it was possible because if it is, I’d start with this for my first evocation. Even if it isn’t a demon or workable entity, it would still be someone I’d like to converse with if given the chance. If anyone knows of this, it would be great to hear about it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible given the fact of what we evoke and from the nondescript “where” it comes from. On a side note to this topic, has anyone possibly discovered anything about, maybe, where it is spirits actually go when they depart from this world? Or is that left an unsolvable mystery, even to us?

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I speak to my deceased ancestors a lot, including a parent who passed over a long time ago - there are many views on this, some hold that the thing you’ll summon is only the shell of personality that person cast off, what I speak to is either the person’s Higher Self in the astral, or (with help and intercession by Buné) the “shell” animated BY the Higher Self, which is a reasonably complex idea but it works.

I posted about that here - I highly recommend Buné for this kind of work.

The way I was taught to access other realms and connect with someone’s Higher Self shouldn’t really be abused as a privilege, however with the help of Buné I have a spiritually resurrected “version” of that person, same shell, same HS behind it, and they’ve been guiding me to explore every option of power and ancestral inheritance that they themselves never explored in life.

I also know that the people I contact have usually been reborn into a human incarnation - we’re complex and multi-faceted beings (even animals are the same) and there’s no contradiction there.

I’ve studied this subject a lot and in my experience each human (and animal) soul is unique, there doesn’t seem to be any single destiny of souls that applies to all people, although large ethnic groups who share common ancestry and common guardian spirits and gods may have similar afterlife experiences, and that’s why cultures tend to have specific beliefs that contradict those of a different culture.

Not all individuals within any culture will fit the exact experiences they’re taught though, which is probably why even those who believe the dead undergo a specific kind of process do still accept the existence of ghosts - some ghosts are people who are stuck between worlds, and require the intercession of a psychopomp, others are shreds of energy or even egregores, such as when someone’s feared, and then after death people imagine their nasty spirit must be haunting one location.

That’s my experience anyway, religions tend to glom onto the idea of an afterlife that they then hold to ransom for obedience, and provide their own expectations as though it’s possible to have all the answers, and I believe that’s unhelpful.


Yep, though as alluded to by the previous poster you would in fact be communicating with the soul, or etheric body of the deceased. Look more into necromancy for info on this topic. I imagine that your ashes will be more than enough for contact though lacking personal experience, I will let others elaborate on this. My mother is buried and I contacted her at the gravesite in a manner very similar to evocation.

It’s called Necromancy. If the person is an ancestor, I recommend you approach them through veneration rather than evocation.

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