Something I found interesting when I did try and scry (awhile back- not recent)

I tried scrying with a mirror, to scry myself + try and possibly see if I can connect with an entity/spirit? Something I found interesting was what happened EACH time before my reflection would “morph” into something else through my “mind’s eye”.

I actually was pretty successful on my first try, however had a little trouble after that. First session i managed to see a “third eyeball” above my regular eyes where the third eye would be. It looked like an actual eye but was vertical and looking off to my right. Then I saw some dark looking entity, bunch faces on top of mine (my face expression in the mirror kept changing) some angry, some smiling, others just giving me a creepy look. And I also almost morphed in the mirror into a woman but not all the way.

Now what I found interesting was that EVERY time before my reflection would change, it would become very shadowy like, dark. My eyes would look like some hollow void of even darker energy then my face, and sometimes dark lines would cover my face. Not vein like but just lines that would branch out and just kinda cover my face with no particular pattern. However every time I would become shadow like. And the eye thing would happen to. Didn’t matter if it was dark or light in the room I chose to scry, or was day or night…this always seems to happen BEFORE i would see something.

I’ll add that I actually after scrying out of curiosity tried visualization while meditating and tried to FEEL me become what I saw with the dark shadow version of me. Surprisingly my body had a response of becoming warm, not like a fever but I would feel hot…like from inside radiating off my skin. Just an observation.