Something I don’t want

So my friend M is currently my best and only friend. I measure a friend through more practical things. She’s cool, but I worry that because I’m not being able to find a gf, she and I might end up together. And yes that would be a bad thing. One we don’t have that much in common and look for different things in the relationship. Two because I’m having such a difficult time getting to know anyone else, I feel rather dependent on her. Three, I don’t actually like her in that manner and getting together with her will mean settling, which is bad. I worry that given these three things, we may end up hurting one another.

I’ve decided to believe that one of the measures of ones freedom are the options one has in life and their ability to take them. Another is ones authority over ones own body and mind. Settling means I have no other options, and that I’d regret the relationship in the future. In spite of that I’d be emotionally dependent on M, and the combination of these things may mean I might end up becoming somewhat abusive.

As her friend, I don’t believe M is responsible for my issues. But getting together with her may make me her version of K. So I want to know if there’s a spirit that can remove this whole possibility. And by the way she’s expressed that she doesn’t wanna date me either so it’s consensual. I know cause I tease her now and then about the idea to see how she reacts.

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Sounds like that you like her, you don’t need to bother spirits with this. If you think it would be a bad move. Then don’t get together and stop thinking that there might be any possibilities of you being together.

Personally, if I had these feelings for someone that I didn’t want to have. I would probably end up taking a break from that person, even coincide disconnecting myself from that person or add more people to my circle.

Your case is easily resolved without need of spells, rituals or spirits.

If you’re having trouble bringing another option to you with magic my advice would be work on yourself via energy unblocking, chakra work, releasing personal stuff etc.