Something I can’t understand

There’s something I’m trying to understand but it’s really difficult to explain.

Since I was little any time I became super super excited I felt some kind of energy being released in me and causing me to shake and it felt kind of like being electrocuted but when I turned 12 I began learning to start it at will but it wasn’t so sudden when I started it myself instead It was very controlled like I could start it little and increase it but I never realized what it is and what I can do with it and because I never found any information on anyone else feeling the same thing I never learned what it is.

To describe this a little further I should say that it doesn’t feel like astral energies and instead it feels very physical and as I said makes my body shake and at some point gets too much for me.

I learned to start vibrating it and increase it but I can’t do anything else with it like directing it or moving it to certain areas of my body.

I don’t know maybe it’s something very usual but it remained a mystery for me and I’m hoping to find out what it is.

Any thoughts ?

Is it my chi ?

Anything ?

Yes, this is probably your life force (Qi). It also could be the beginning of clairtangency.

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Ok thank you

Chi, prana…yep. mine woke up very young, too.

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What can you do with it exactly ?

It’s prana…it does a lot. I’ve used it for self defense. I use it for healing, for any directed energy task. Make psi balls, shields, etc.

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