Something has been troubling me!

**Earlier this year I experimented with DMT now most people who I was around just thought it was going to be fun to trip. I however, having some occult knowledge knew how to prepare myself mentally for a more spiritual/religious almost ritual type of experience not wanting to waste the experience of entering a altered state seemingly quickly rather then over a period of time. After smoking the DMT taking small hits and holding to get maximum effect. After a while I noticed the walls of reality fading the shimmering effect happened i immediately started my meditatative practice and was immediately pulled into the either. For sometime I was wondering in a void of nothingness. Then all of a sudden I noticed a light in the distance as I began to travel towards the light I noticed a object in the center as I got to what seemed a few feet away I could make out it was a throne of pure marble and Ivory with cherubs faces adorned at the top of the head rest except instead of smiling they were frowning. I was amazed by this taking in every detail as I reached out to touch it a voice came from behind the throne with a pair of hands with long powerful fingers and talons of pure obsidian reaching out as to welcome me. The voice asked if I would like to sit and I replied “may I” the voice whispered of course. We conversed for a time the specifics of the conversation left me after waking but I remember asking the entity’s name and as the voice spoke a mechanical sound loud and violent shock everything around me, even myself as I was being torn from that dimension. After that I woke up and it was the next day. Now DMT when inhaled only last roughly 15 minutes give or take 5 or 10 mins depending on how much is consumed. Apparently I was having conversations with friends and family even driving around with no recollections of doing or saying anything. Does anyone know or have experienced anything like that? **

@Nidhogg I don’t use drugs. Their are other methods to get into a trance that don’t carry the same risks: legal or medical. However that:

is generally a sign of full possession.

After talking with everyone I was around that night I came to that conclusion as well. Troubling thing is by whom? None of my research talks about a throne of marble and ivory.

Their are a lot of beings that aren’t in the books. I am not entirely surprised by the fact they didn’t appear in your research.

No, no iron it was white marble with streaks of grey veins and gold veins with inlays of pure white ivory.

@Nidhogg No clue then. That is also one of the reasons why you don’t use drugs. It’s completely uncontrolled. Not under your terms. You have no clue who you are getting in contact with, and no easy way out.

Wait there was a ring on one of the fingers I couldn’t tell if it was iron but it had a red stone at the center and the ring was almost hexagonal in shape at the base of the ring the stone was planted in. There was symbols but I can’t remember much more.

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@Nidhogg Interesting… I sent a PM.

I received it thanks, I never heard of this entity but something is starting to connect here.

Red stone. Was it a Ruby? Loud electric shock? Sounds to me like you may of encountered the true God of the Domain.

Every time I try to retrace the experience the throne takes center stage of my memories! The only thing about the ring is a red stone similair to a ruby or a blood diamond it was opaque and refracted light but the entity never waived their hands to show it off it was palms up or to the palms facing inward towards each other but always on the left and right sides of the throne. The ring was a dark metal with highlights their was engravings of some kind, one large sigil type on either side of the ring I want to say runic in nature but not really. I can not even remember the conversation we had I know we had one for what seemed like forever. The mechanical sound was weird humming but like a humming a generator or when the sound barrier is broken those sounds combined it starts quietly then becomes deafening. I thought it was Satan for a while but some things were not adding up.

So what are your thoughts on the Electric Humming that ripped you away? I could only guess and use intuition, but afterall dream symbolism is personal so your take matters as well.

It would also appear that you seem to have a certain fascination for the Red Rock Ring if I am correct?

Actually the fascination was with the Throne I just remember being in awe of it and really excited to be able to sit on it. If you skip to 4:17 the sound in the background is very similar to what I heard but more deafening. And to further note I have never been pulled or sucked into the ether like this ever and no one has documented a experience like this when using DMT. Most people say they fly through different worlds and see people who are half lizards half human.