Something feels off

Something about the world feels off to me and I don’t mean the current events going on the TV.

It’s the middle of summer in the city here and tonight is strangely darker than I’ve seen it since I lived here. It’s somewhat unsettling and the night itself feels heavy.

I’ve been poking around the web to see if others are noticing strange shifts. Gardening groups have been talking about pop up lilies and blazing star asters already appearing in yards – they don’t normally arrive until late August to September in those areas. Humpback whales have already arrived in Hervey Bay when they normally arrive in September. In Colorado, a wolf was spotted in an area they haven’t been seen in 100 years. Some of the trees locally have leaves already changing color and falling. Birds have been acting strange, too.

Anyone else feeling like things are weird right now?


Our winters during the day are surprisingly warm and the days are longer when it’s the peak of winter here. There’s something different in the air and I find it beneficial.

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Interestingly that’s exactly what I wrote in my Journal in the Lounge section just yesterday

Though, its not new for different magickians from different parts of the Earth to sense similar energetic shifts by feelings that “something’s off” what’s weird to me are those signs of early autumn.

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Wild animals appearing in unsual places can be due to less traffic and less tourism because of Corona, I heard alot of stories like these.
The nights being darker may also be because many clubs, bard and shops are closed (depending on where you live, this is only me speculating).

As for plants, their appearance depends on factors like temperature and rain. Sometimes they appear earlier, sometimes later.

Has it been dry or was there enough rain?

If you pay close attention you can see that nature is never completely the same. :smiley:


@Helena I appreciate your rationality and for providing possible scientific explanations. While some earlier instances of animals acting strangely I believe was due to less human interference and typical mating season behavior (birds attacking humans), I’m still seeing people discussing atypical animal behavior as restrictions lift up such as a bird trying to get into a home, minks swimming directly towards people, chickens not wanting to leave their coop, and family dogs acting atypical as well.

I live in the Salt Lake City area in the middle of a bedside community. The county is in phase yellow and while there is finally a mandatory mask mandate, almost everything has been open for business as usual with buffets about to reopen soon. There was dramatically less light pollution last night without a known reported power outage. I doubt enough people would change their habits of leaving the porch lights on to make such a huge difference as I saw.

Utah is a cold-desert with low humidity. Weather is similar to archived weather logs from last year.

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It’s the perfect time for growth, OP. Have you seen it reflect on your own life?

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It’s in the air, everyone feels it. Almost subtle panic, general “dis”ease, people are not at ease because of the regression of the way things were suppose to be.

If you look at the current astrological placements over these course of years, they are quite serious. Serious as in, world changing, humanity changing. Your spirit chose this time, enjoy the ride . Take care :wink:


The only thing behind this strange things in covid as the disposal of plastic from beaches reduced so there is nothing stopping whales to come, to know it more deeply check temperature shift your local seas, well the pollution is low there is reduction in overall temperature of the spring came early the flowers bloomed. The colour of leaves changed. The birds can detect change in season more proficiently than human so they are just confused because they migrate to warmer region as the spring and winter come near,it’s weird for them .you know wolf are wanderers but you know what they fear humans and social area. The wolf you are saying about was wandering as he sensed no humans at, it just came. And less concentration of CO2 effects night and they become long and the fog forms easily. Actually it’s my suggestion that first we have understand what can be understood and find out what is not known,just keep this in mind and you will know the real significance of MAGICK.

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