Someones eye's tearing up and burning when around me

A few years ago when I first got into meditation, I met this spiritual guy. My eyes would water and burn around him and he told me something like, “It’s because your in the presence of the divine feminine”. At the time I had never really worked with any spirit. Now recently I have been working with feminine energies (Lilith, succubus etc) and a friend of mines eyes water and burn when im around him. Anyone experience similar things?


This definitely sounds like Focalor, the weeping demon. Focalor uses water as a weapon and sign he is associated with the elements of water. He makes worshippers cry and there eyes water as a sign of his presence.

I have called on him and my eyes began to water, the whole room grew deadly quiet, I could feel the malevolence.


Interesting, I looked into him and he has some unique abilities. He wasn’t on my radar before. Thanks :blush:

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I used to make people’s eyes water and burn, it was because my clothes were covered in plant stuff from my gardening adventures, and also because of my familiar cat, who used to leave his fur everywhere, so in those times I was a magus of allergens. Maybe the guy had something in his clothes that made you react in that way. A similar thing used to happen with my prophet, Aleister Crowley, he used to be covered in weird mystical-chemical stuff that gave him more than a weird smell.

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That’s possible that it was something in the guys clothes, but I dont feel thats the case considering im having the same effect as of recently to a person I’ve been around plenty

I had the same experience … yet and yet again and still it’s happening.
Heat inside the eye cause dryness that results in necessary itching to make it wet again, otherwise your eyes will burn like in fire. This happens to eyes of all nearby people when you are in presence. Then, all you can see is people itching their eyes, and all you can hear is the presence of something (a spirit?).
The strange thing is that it doesn’t happen every time, like as if it depends on the person it self, so some will be affected and some won’t be affected for some reason.
It’s such a controversial phenomenon that is really strange.

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