Someone with experience about demonic entities

Someone please Private message me I need help.on what to do with a demonic entity

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Sure what’s up ? I am not a member yet so i cant pm. Tell me ?

Hi i’m currently got a major problem me and my friend six months ago started feelimg strange and hearing noises and doors slamming and it going really cold very quick for no reason so we were skeptical at this time trying to.come up.with solutions to what it was mostly put it down to a draft or somet but as of two weeks ago things got serious we started getting bruises like thumb prints on our shins and stuff though maybe banged it or something like that but within the two week me and my friend have suffered from being physically attacked we were together or with other friends at the time but we’ve both suffered severe burning pain in our back and when our friends have checked it there were scratch marks down our backs this isn’t something we have summoned it just appeared but I have seen it standing over my bed it’s about 8 ft in height well build defined face I starred at it for half and hour before out of the blue going exhausted and passing out to.sleep but it’s alwas there no matter if we’re together or separate it follows us no matter where we are and my friends cat has seven this thing it went up towards the corner of the room in like prowling like it was hunting then meowed and ran away it seems stronger around the time of 3am /4am but the attacks happen anytime of the day and we’re stuck on what to do we’ve asked questions but on the term basis of severe tingles to both of us for the answer yes and nothing for no but it’s told us that God doesn’t exist it’s here because of something we had dome together I’m a past life and that God doesn’t exist and that it answers to something above it


I addressed this in pm for you…


I experienced this once together with my gf. Have you been anywhere and acted disrespectfully to the spirits around ? It could be things simple as having sex in a forest or abandoned house, taunting spirits, spitting on graves, pissing somewhere without taking attention… ?

I would recommend if you did, or unknowingly did, offer apologies or go back there and offer something together with apology and come back without turning back !

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Or simply close your eyes and meditate when it is happening and say that you are sorry ( physically or even through telepathy, just use your mind to like push it out ) for your mistake and to leave you alone and never come back again.

spread some salts after and you will be done !

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It sounds like a parasite to me. Apologies will do nothing. I’ll eat the fucker


Try this:

Have self confidence
Get some sage (either in an incense burner or a smudge)
Get a knife, dagger, or atheme

Open all Chakras
Inhale and feel the energy moving in and out with your breath as if you are a vortex
Light the sage
Go through the house, get every corner, the edges of all mirrors, doors, and windows, in the closets, over and under the beds, and over the tub. All the while white a loud, confident, commanding voice, say something to the effect of “any entities who are not here in my best interest, or (friend’s name)’s best inerest, and who are not here for my family’s best interest, I command you to leave this place and never return! I command this by my godhood and by my spiritual power. By my self, my soul, my spirit, and my Godself, I hearby banish you! I command you to BEGONE!”
Say that in your own words in every room of the house at least twice per room

Now go to the center of each room with the dagger/knife/atheme
Face south
Draw an inverted pentagram in the air before you
Visualize it glowing with blue energy as if you are actually drawing it
When you finish it, point your knife towards the sky in your left hand, inhale and visualize white light pulling into it and energizing it
Now put it in your right hand and thrust it into the center of the inverted pentagram you drew and visualized in front of you with a shout of “BEGONE!” While visualizing the knife shoot that energy out, pushing the pentagram infinitely in that direction like a laser
Turn east and do the same
Turn north and do the same
Turn west and do the same
Do this all one time in the center of every room in the house

Once completed, go into every room and do this:
Walk around in each room, with your left hand held towards the ceiling, inhale and pull all the light energy into it, through your arm and into your heart Chakra
Outstretch your right arm, pointing it South, say “BEGONE!” And when you do, try to visualize and feel the light energy go from your heart Chakra to your hand and out your hand like a bullet of light.
Repeat this in every horizontal direction at least three times each
Make sure you get the corners

Then, know in your heart and soul that you banished it entirely. With that, forget about doing the banishing and the entity as if neither ever happened.

This exact method has helped me on several occasions, never failed me even once, just do it exactly as written, and I guarantee you the entity won’t be back. I hope this helps!