Someone who is an expert in astral travel i have a question

my questions these I had already heard of a guy on YouTube who had seen are double in the sky eating grapes there was an angel who came down from the sky to protect me and apparently my double was not found and he go find out who I was someone with info on doubles that we have in heaven?

Your double, as in an alternate version of you

in the sky

Eating grapes

Okay, gotcha. Well I can say one thing for sure: just teleport to wherever you think he is. Space in the astral isn’t consistent, just will yourself to go to them

that being said, this “double” could be a million things and I don’t know what they’re supposed to be.

The astral is the mental plane, so if you have a “double” in a heaven it’s most likely your astral body in it’s own little heaven of its own creation. Although if you have not astral projected before then it might not be your double as many of us also have thoughtforms of ourselves not always created by us but by others.