Someone Was Just Trying to Connect With Me Without My Permission

Hey, guys … I just felt someone trying to connect with me without my permission. That’s not a smart thing to do. I severed the connection, but I’m concerned the person may fear it is an attack.

If this was you, just hit me up with a private message and we’ll chat about. I’m a friendly guy and I don’t hold stuff like this against anyone, but I don’t want it to turn into a nasty interaction due to a simple misunderstanding.

If I don’t hear from anyone tonight, I’ll ask Lady Eva to delete this tomorrow.


Connect with you? As in telepathic connect?

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I’m not sure what their intention was exactly, but I felt an energy reaching out toward my head and my intuition tells me it was someone trying to connect with me through the forums. I get the feeling someone is curious if I can feel it after my post about the double soul travel experience.

I realize it’s not an attack, but I sent a clear “Don’t try to connect without my permission” signal back. Shortly after, I felt an energy in my left hand, which is how I recognize magickal attacks these days.

I’m just trying to make sure that the person didn’t misread it as “Oh shit, he just attacked me.” lol

I really don’t like escalating stuff like this, so I’d rather just discuss it and clear up any misunderstandings, ya know?


Right. I prefer not to fight myself. Hope you find them and discover the meaning of this


I hear ya, brother.


it could have been an accident some people dont realize they can do that. :slight_smile:


Yep, I figured that, too. It wasn’t the standard “hey, let’s see if I’m a magickal badass” attack I often experience on the weekends from time to time.

I get the impression this was someone playing around to see if I could experience or to see how they experienced it.

I’m not mad at anyone, but I don’t appreciate “uninvited guests” either. lol


i understand i got that yesterday.


I think we got to the bottom of it. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me.

@Lady Eva … I’d appreciate it if you could delete this thread for me.


@Lady_Eva here you go friend :heart:


Oops. lol Thanks, @RiseorDie.