Someone wants me dead

Hey guys! So I’ve been dealing with a curse for a while. Since I left my old job and got an apartment, new - better job, everything suddenly took a u-turn. My wallet was stolen, my father became gravely ill he had double pneumonia in BOTH of his lungs, I was deathly ill and was vomiting, starving, and had even collapsed at my new job and was hospitalized, forced to return to work and health kept dropping, my dog’s teeth began to rot and was falling out he was encumbered by fleas out of nowhere and suffered viciously from them, my brothers car broke down, my family was falling into financial disrepair living in unbelievable temperatures in the house that was slowly killing them. My dad’s marriage with our step mom was falling apart as her ex suddenly came back into her life out of nowhere, on and on and on. I had Opfaal help me break it and a lot of things improved, but it seems as though this entity or whoever casted it on me is vicious on seeing me die. I have had endless visions of me being robbed at gun point, Lucifer lifted that hex off of me, since I have a chance at success in getting a new job to gain financial stability I am now encumbered by vicious, vivid, and intense suicidal thoughts! I saw myself going to a bridge and jumping off before even making it to the interview! I’m trying to increase my defenses, I’ve been gaining protectors, and I need some more help on who else I can reach out to on identifying who the hell this is that wants my damn head on a platter for being successful! Thank you


Found out who it is. Someone who I thought was a bestfriend of mine did it out of resentment for my success. It takes a lot more than that to kill me and I’m firm believer in justice.
Watch your backs out there guys and who you keep close.


Best defence is a good attack, just saying.


You’re absolutely right and I’m definitely going on the attack


As an aid to your attack and defending yourself from both sickness and financial ruin, I recommend petitioning Pazuzu as part of the workinh. He is great at not only at really fucking shit up for an enemy but defending as well.

Marbas would be a good idea to petition for the identity of the target while Sabnock would be a good defender as he tends to seek out those using magic against you and attacks them.


If you’re still having suicidal thoughts, then focus in that. I’m not saying you should change your plans nor stopping the magic, I just think that’s far more urgent.

Try with some stuff that helps to deal with that, such as art. Put the pain and make good art. Or bad art. Draw, write, kill your guitar, doesn’t matter, just try to secure your foot in life first. Everything else can wait.

Also, never forget that there is nothing like professional help.

Best wishes for you.


I second Pazuzu but if I were in your shoes, I’d specifically request that he protect you against death and injury, as well as against magickal/psychic attacks.


I appreciate you bringing up mental health and I’m very big on dealing with it since I have anxiety. I do have mild depression but it is NEVER through images, I have a strong sense of duty to my responsibility and I’m too determined (stubborn lmao), loyal, and dedicated to my family to even fathom such scenes. I have enough discernment when one second I’m thinking about how adorable that animal video I had just watched then suddenly vivicious and vile thoughts of ending my life appear vividly, strongly, and colorfully. I keep a very positive mindset, I’m very big on my self-care and self-love and being patient with myself so when those things start popping I know something is going on and it ain’t me lmao.


Thank you! I’ll definitely get into contact with Pazuzu and Marbas (funny enough they both appeared to me recently so yay) Thank you everyone for your assistance! I’ll make sure I kick this guys ass for taking advantage of my good heart!


I could have sworn there was a good spell on this site where you create shields that make curses backfire.


Would a mirror shield fall into that category?

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I think so.

I’d recommend the Magickal Protection book by Damon Brand. It has a 33 day ritual in it to end a curse, and other rituals for defence. The rituals are simple to do but very effective. There’s also one called Angelic Protection Magick protection by Ben Woodcroft, also very good, but slightly different rituals. Good luck.