Someone wants help, should I evoke a demon or not?

One guy called me this morning, he said he got robbed and his phone was stolen. He sounds so devastated and needs me to help recover his phone.

Quite honestly he knows me as a technology gig but I am wondering if I should evoke ANDROMALIUS to help recover his possessions and get him revenge or I should just let it go.

Thing is; I myself am a beginner magician and I can no longer hack latest android phones.

@Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight @Titan.M (sorry for mentioning you guys, I just trust your judgement please help)


First question, what did he use to call you if his phone was stolen? We can continue after that

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He used his sisters little sisters phone

Honestly if hes only concerned about getting his phone back, I’d say best bet is to just go for returning lost possession and not revenge. Im sure with the search function(im too lazy to find it myself, just being honest) you can find a simple spell for it instead of evoking. Just my thoughts though

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Do you have any spell in mind?

The reason why he mentioned recovering his phone is because he knew me as a technology gig he thought that is what i can help him recover in my capacity. but now where I live there are cases of robbery, jugglery and more perverse crimes happening so I am also doing thinking this has to stop. Earlier this year two guys jumped over the fence and tried to steal at my house luckily I got up as soon as they tried to open my door, other people had been very unfortunate and some even got killed.

That is just the tip of an ice bag.

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I think the phrase is tip of the iceberg, but your version seems neat. No i dont have one in mind but I know there are plenty here. If you feel like going for more than recovery is necessary then you should. Whatever you decide just go for it. The worst thing you can do is not try and then lower your confidence. Even no result can be a good result. Give it a shot on any spell that looks like it clicks for you

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Open the seal of Andromalius. He not only recovers stolen property but punishes thieves. Just tell him the situation and he will take care of it.

Don’t bother about the other stuff right now.


Or this. Follow Darkest advice

Thanks I will give it a shot

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That gets my vote as well. :+1:


Thanks for your affirmation

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