Someone that sees the future? Can you help out?

Hello. Can someone that can see the past/future to help me out? I will try to be short. But i dont want tarot cards, they lie. I was told i was a cow in a previous life, that’s why i decide to “lock myslef” and stuff, be alone etc… they told me i had no bad karma. (Ik some dont believe in it, i didnt too but…) But i still…hate everything about me and my life, even though i try to change it. I feel like it’s a punishmet. They told me i cant have the guy i want, he isnt “meant” for me by the universe. I have no degree, i dont have anything i like to do, like a career to try to follow. I know it sounds like a depression but i really tried anything. I try to be objective as well, not only personal opinions. On top of that, they told me my luck will be open in two-three months. (Had a hex on us, now it should be resolved…) Then they said in the next 2 years nothing will change, 2022 everything will be good. You see what i mean? Can’t have the one i want, and i dont have a career i like for me to actually be happy in the next few years. Please, i know it may sound like a rant, i know people will say to me to try to change my life, i decide my happiness… or to find someone else i like, please don’t. I tried, and i was supposed to try again. I wanted to go somewhere and start a life i like. I changed a lot in the previois months as well. I try to work on everything. But they told me i cant have anything i want but that also i have no bad karma. But also “eveything will come into place in two months” that means god/universe whatever, screwing me up. And i should be happy about that. i thought magic,working with spirits… should give us the life we want. not for us to go all the way only to be told “you will be fine, but the universe said what you want isnt meant for you so you cant” Can someone that understands of these things pm me? I’m sorry, i know i sound like a moron, and whiny too. i just wanted full freedom, for anything. To be able to do and get anything but i cant no matter what i try. Thank you and i’m sorry.

I’m sorry; I don’t understand why being told this would lead you to “lock yourself away” and be alone? Also, can you perhaps clarify who ‘they’ are? The people who told you all of this.


I don’t too. They just told me the past live infulences this one, and my personality, and it will apparently last until 2022. Some psychic near my hometown, i dont know how real is she. Didnt want specified money and i dont doubt there might have been a hex on our family…so i dont know what to believe.

Alright, so first you need to work on that. You can do this by meditation, affirmations and many other techniques - you can always experiment to find something that works for you. I guarantee that you are special, unique and wonderful in your own way. Accept yourself, because learning to like yourself is incredibly important for good spiritual and mental health.

Try petitioning a deity, entity or Patron that you work closely with or feel a bond with to see if they can help you with this matter. Personally, I would not accept what anyone told me about what the universe had ‘decreed’ for me without thoroughly exploring it myself and asking my Patron for guidance.

This is hard for everyone right now, I feel as the coronavirus has taken away a lot of employment opportunities worldwide. This will improve naturally as the epidemic runs its course. Spiritually, again, petition a deity you feel comfortable for guidance in the career and wealth aspects of your life.

Do not let someone decide two years of your life for you. Why should you wait for 2022 like this woman suggests before your life improves? Especially if you doubt her credibility, I would recommend not living your life in fear of what this person has said. You ARE in control of your life and your destiny. Don’t let anyone scare you into believing otherwise.

I highly recommend petitioning a deity/being/patron that you feel comfortable with for guidance.

I believe in you. You can do this. :+1:

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I don’t think i can, i try to take care of myself but i can’t seem to like me lol. i will try with affirmations, thank you. I will look up the patron thing, do you know how i can understand who is my patron? I tried with goetic spirits for the guy, Dantalion gave me some things, then send us in different countries and it just became worse. Then i tried a few more, for different aspects of myself or the guy. At this point i think the spirits are done helping me, i dont trust them at all now.
It wasn’t just her, there were other people that said things like that too, one said 2023 and another one 2022 that i will have luck. But after what this one said, this doesn’t sound like any luck to me at all.

I’m sorry. My way of phrasing this may have been confusing. I just mean a spirit or entity or deity that you have a close bond with. One that you have come to see as your protector.

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Oh,sorry… i thought it must be like a personal guide or something. Thank you for everything! :slight_smile:

Tarot cards don’t lie. A psychic could lie maybe and so could a tarot reader. The problem with predictions is, that the future is never set into stone. Things can change. What people can tell is the future in a specific moment but if someone changes their opinion - future can change again.

And that’s good news - because it means you have influence on your future!
Don’t do something because a stranger told you specific things without even requestioning them.

One’s life is not set in stone. There is somewhat freedom depending on what country you live in.

I would suggest you get an astrology chart done. It can help guide you and let you know your personality and good luck/bad luck cycles in many areas of life. As well as potentials of interest and life potential. chinese astrology called bazi or 4 pillars of destiny preferably as it’s more easier to read as it’s base on a system of formula logic base so there is no way to lie if interpret correctly. It’s also pretty accurate system from experience studying it and reading people’s charts.

If you want to know about a person you can compare their chart to yours if your compatible. Or if luck is on both your side. Sometimes due to nature of person, life together can be tough if together. Some people actually bring bad luck to others. The chart can tell what kind of relationship issue can arise.