Someone Stronger

How do you defeat an enemy that is spiritually stronger than you are, and this person is hearting you and your loved ones with spells???

Everyone has a weakness. Find it and exploit it.

Bind them first. Then attack with fury.

I like your style!!!

What if the person has other people also helping him on their own accord?

It’s not a numbers game, you need to find the right intent to shield you from everything. Don’t waste your time chopping down individual trees when you can burn the whole forest.

Don’t know if this will help any, but it might be enough to inspire in some fashion. I once had a woman come to me asking for help. She had gotten wrapped in a coven where the High Priest was a bit of a perv and he had bonded himself to her. She had basically been going through hell for two years, her dreams were not even her own. Every attempt I made to help her was blocked by this moron, he was extremely adept in the astral realms (a lot more than myself) and he felt it whenever something was being done to this woman. So, I was given a good idea by an old friend. It involved creating mirror images of myself in the astral and sending them out in four directions. It distracted him for so long that I was able to do the work I needed to do without any interference.

Not entirely sure why I told you that story, just felt I needed to.

Any suggestions???

Smaller people have ways of fighting bigger people, you just need to find the occult equivelent of that.

You mean like a coven or group working together? It’s easier to destroy a magickal group than an individual. Attack the group specifically.

PS. Sorry for late reply.

Maybe you might want to try finding out what you are doing to attract “stronger” enemies first. A lot of people get into this magick business with ingrained perspectives that make them sitting ducks for fights. I can’t say I find anything noble or empowering about getting into fights with people, and since there are many people who advance spiritually with little to none of this type of interaction, you might want to check what you got going on in your personal universe before trying to fight folks. Try asking yourself if it actually has to be this way for you before trying to gun up too hard.

I use this.

The swarm can scale to handle anything thrown at it.

Thanks man. It’s pretty cool.