Someone sent something to me that drains my energy whenever I sit down

I think its a parasitic egregory, or maybe its just some sort of energy programmed to steal my energy.
Whenever i sit down i get a loud sound in my ear that alerts me to an energy being near me.
This energy basically sucks the life from all of my chakras. Ive started to feel pretty sick as this has been happening for about a month.
How do I fix this?
Also something burnt a sigil into my ankle when i was meditating in the past.

…is it the same thing happening here in this thread, or…?

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I can’t say I’ve seen anyone with as many things happen to them as it does with Cob777.


Probably because not many of them have the courage, will, or strength of character to face so many things and not deem themselves crazy or hopelessly die or kill themselves.
Youve heard of black magic killing people.
Is it wrong for one to want to change their fate if theyre simply aware of the potential negative manifestations, dives deeper into truth and chooses to overcome rather than being a slave?

This is different. When i sit down or try to meditate, in my astral vision it looks like a dark cloud, makes a lot of noise to my astral hearing (that sound in your ear that sounds like energy) and attatches to my body and drains me from all places. Its like a cloud that attatches itself to me.
Then afterwards i feel sick, weak, have practically no will and it feels like whatever spiritual power or sexual energy i had saved up (which ive been celibate almost 30 days, normally id be about to explode) is taken.
Shielding doesnt seem to work.

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Best of luck.

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