Someone on the forum cursed me

Not sure who you are, but I aim to win. That was a bad idea.


Any particular reason you think it was someone here? Just curious as to why here, and by what motivation. I have never seen anyone beef with you myself.


Meditated on this and i only know ppl into this from here. I am having a very non stop streak of bad luck. Jealousy. I have been getting tons of ppl on here asking me to help them with many things bx they have seen my success stories on thr forum. My intuition keeps telling me its coming from here.


And i type this from the side of the road bc my car broke down after picking it up from the shop.

Props to whoever did this to me. They’ve been getting me good.

I have been feeling a presence around me, something foreign. Now i know why


To be honest, you don’t exactly need knowledge of witchcraft to impose a curse on someone. There was a time I thought I must of angered someone who knew how to do some things, same experience as what you described, a week of some of the worst luck I’ve ever had and a heavy shade over my astral senses. When i finally got around to doing a return to sender spell, turns out the source was my ex. Who had no knowledge of anything metaphysical. The return to sender spell hit with enough force to cause a car accident.

It could be someone on the forum, i really hope not cause that is quite upsetting. :frowning: But it could be condensed anger from someone else. Even an untrained person can direct energy, and really baneful magick is just that, directing as much hate and negative energy as you can towards someone


Thats the thing. In the past when i was very successful i had load of “haters” and that momentum lead to a large degree of bad luck. I can feel it. Right now i live in a state far from everyone, i do not put my business on social media. I am very private. This is the only place i see issues deriving from.


Every curse on you is just an opportunity to develop as a magician. See it as a stepping stone to sharpening your magical powers

Maybe it’s an indication that you need to focus on protection magic for a while. Tbh it comes with the territory,

Build your defenses, gorge on their blood, crush their bones and scatter it to the four winds.

Curses are a part of advancing as well :slight_smile: sometimes we forget that


Working with entities that specialise in protection does wonders. Also a good ol return to sender helps


unfortunately…this seems to be a common thing on here. It may not necessarily be a user though. Could also be from someone who hates balg in general and seeks to do harm to its members


Personally I would just work with Anat and get some experience in with this. And have a little fun with it too. Not saying cursing people randomly is okay but it is what it is and it happened so you might as well make the most of it right

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade


Well, Jupiter is in Scorpio right now and I know that when that happened my laptop stopped working and someone stole money out of my wallet.

Scorpio is basically the Paschal Mystery in a nutshell, personal transformation by putting to death all that hinders. And Jupiter is the planet of Success. Let’s all just give a great thanks that Saturn and Jupiter aren’t both hanging out in Scorpio together, that would be a new level of Hell.


What you could do is see if there is such a thing called a tracking spell, to track down the thieves who stole your money, then when you discover who it is, use vampirism against the thieves drain all there energy, then put a curse on them to make the thieves end up in jail, and keep all there energy, there is this book a really powerful book called wait for it wait for it its called Scopion God, know there are these really powerful sigils of the 29 Vampyre gods now i found for sale on a website which i browse a number of pages but it only show 14 sigils i knew there were something about them so i tested the theary, so i picked out 10 i wanted to use, so i copied 10 on paper, once i had finished 5 minutes after the battery in my Samsung S8 phone went completely flat, but it was 100% charged on the same day instead of battery flat in about 3 days, battery flat in 8 hours from 85% to 0% then put back on charger i recharge Samsung S8 phone every 48 hours, i will not keep phone anywhere near vampyre gods sigils. And @Rcs4215 i see you need to do vampirism as well.


I’ve seen that happen a lot, even if a person doesn’t have malefic intention they can cause a accidental curse (also known as evil eye/najar in the east) to give you an example, I’ve seen people post a picture of their new vehicle or device on social media and soon after the the vehicle/device started malfunctioning or broke down. I personally avoid getting people’s attention on my goods, because from my experience, it always causes some sort of negative backlash, this is also why a lot of people don’t reveal their salary, evil eye can be pretty damaging. Even compliments contain evil eye, the best way to deal with this is to put the grace of your deity/god on everything that is meaningful and useful to you.


If it’s someone from this forum, then I must say, this attack on Rob is really petty.

Although, I acknowledge the possibility of a curse from another source. Someone here said that you don’t need the knowledge of witchcraft to curse someone. I can attest to this. Back in the day, when I was a bigger hot head than now, I would unintentionally curse people just by thinking of them with seething hatred. And I’m talking about obsessive thinking.

9 times out of 10 they got fucked up in some way shortly after.

I suggest doing a thorough search: Keep an eye out on the forum users, and another eye on people in your day-to-day life.


When you curse someone it creates a psychic link with them and s suggested by another on this thread a return to sender would be a good move, just following that psychic link back to them astrally.
Failing that if you have spiritual assistance, ask for their help, the Petro Loa would deal with this for you (they love a good fight). Really cursing people on this forum is unacceptable.


first off get yourself together man! deep breathes. focus and get your sheilds active and working! chakras cleansed!
second, dont advertise a strike back dont give them time to shield if they arent.
thrid, always know your opponents find out who they are what they are about and how to best nail there ass.
then strike.
but keep it quite.
the less they know what you are up to the better.
assess what magickal abilities you are best at and sharpen and refine them…
then go to work.

honestly, though anyone can read this forum so it may appear to come from here when it isnt.
but we are black magicians and it happens.

good luck.


Lol thanks. Definitely together. Not huffing and puffing… Was never one to freak out, but I am pissed. Because my bank is fucking dumping like losing rocket fuel over constant BS. This post was not really because I am venting to the forum, but to warn people that some is out there and to keep your guards up. For me, it’s fine. I have seen some serious dark days, hit rock bottom when I went from living in a skyrise to living in my car… This is nothing, and they can know, their guards won’t do much, and I never lose a fight. Was a risk i was willing to put out there so you all can be safe guarded from whoever thinks this is fun and games.


yes i realize and appriciate it.
but sometimes they feed more off these posts.
they think they are getting to someone.

I understand your spot I have had my share of major attacks.
and ive went from living great to being homeless to having a house again so I can understand.
good luck :slight_smile:


I just really like the people on this forum. There are so many different views, and very little people TELLING others what is right and wrong, more RESPECTFUL suggestions. It is not common to find a group of people really relay and share such intimate beliefs and blend together so well. So anyway I can help everyone ya know.

Thanks for the GL :smile:


no problem :heart: