Someone On Here Really Good at Projection and Travel?

So as I’ve posted before I am starting EAK Soul Travel course and I was wondering if there was anyone on here that was really good at it? Like I know there’s a difference between Astral Travel and Soul Travel and I also understand there’s a difference between Travel and Projection (seeing it in your mind vs an actual visit). Is there anyone on here that has done all of this and that doesn’t mind me picking their brain and asking for help? I get so discouraged in myself sometimes and it being “all in my mind” always makes me have doubts so I’m really looking for someone here. It would be helpful. Thank you again for reading
-The Magi


This website is the first time i heard about the term “soul travel” i think it sounds like astral travel, but i’m not qualified to have the answer cuz i never did this. But i have had astral projections, and those - are so powerful you won’t have a doubt at all, that this is outside of your imagination. There are so many terms, alot of them are for the same things.

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I want you to entertain me and do this meditation. Force all your doubts and other negativity in it then after it is all done, you should feel like a ball shoot through the fingers when it is done, fill with good energy an start ur practice again.

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Yeah… a lot of soul travel seems to start with visualizations. But my parents have astral travelled and it is nothing like a visualization or even feelings. It’s a whole experience where you can literally travel anywhere on the physical plane, and you could verify it too by looking into other rooms for things.

Man I want to astral travel…

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