Someone new to magic

I live in the States. I’ve known about magic. But I need to learn more. I study everything right now trying to see what fits best.


Please introduce yourself properly. You haven’t told us anything about yourself or your experience in magick.

How old are you?

What do you practice? What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in, if any?

What areas of magick are you particularly interested in?

What goals or struggles do you have that you are looking to magick to help with?

Sorry I’m only 27 and I haven’t settled on one practice. I’m not very experienced in ritual magick but I know a lot of about magick. I’m interested in all magick. And I only want to learn so that I may help teach the new generation. I want to be greater than I was and heal this broken plane of existence.


@Lillithofthe3 Welcome to the forum! :joy:


So, if I am understanding correctly, you are mainly what is known as an “armchair magician,” someone heavy on theory but with no experience in practical application.

You can be interested in “all magick,” but to seriously learn, you need to narrow down that interest to one specific area. Magick encompasses so much that it is impossible to study it all, and without that narrow focus, you will continually jump from one subject to another and never really learn anything.

Pick a system of magick and start following it. Some great magical systems are that of the Golden Dawn, Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery, and the work of EA Koetting. If you seriously want to study, and not just dabble, I highly recommend diving into one single system until you are proficient in it because that will teach you most of the main subjects, and once proficiency is reached, it can be adapted to other forms.



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Hello to be specific if you want to learn magic you should start with what will be easiest to you the one your most interested in then go from there also welcome to the balg family it’s really nice to have you