Someone knows an accurate yes or no divination method?

I tried several times a yes or no tarot spread in the book “Power Tarot,” where you use the major arcana and the 9 of cups. The spread proved to be ineffective.

Does anyone know something that works to get that kind of answer?


When I do readings I will not do yes/no requests, for the simple fact most people are looking for certainty in future events, as in “will it happen, yes or no?”. I always rephrase the question to make it so the likely energy of the future outcome is described, rather than an absolute “yes/no” answer.

This is because the future is malleable, and even if the Tarot gave you an answer with certainty, giving you that answer would change the energy of the situation and thus change the potential outcome, making the actual reading itself obsolete as soon as the answer was known. Knowing the answer changes your behavior, and it could change your behavior in a way that changes the suggested outcome into its opposite.

Example: you are working hard towards completing some project. The energy of the current situation is that you will complete that project within a week if you continue as normal. However you get curious and do a reading for if the project will be completed within a week. The Tarot reads the energy at the time, and says “yes”. You get that answer, feel good, and immediately become complacent. The energy immediately then changes to a likely “no” because you have been put off your current course by your reaction to the response of the Tarot.

In the I-Ching its said you are never supposed to ask yes or no questions, and its said the I-Ching will play with you if you do, because you are not letting it exercise its full power and basically just using it as a coin toss. It has 4032 (64x63) possible outcomes, and you are limiting it to 2. In fact demanding that it limit itself, for your personal convenience.

The Tarot is similar, but has a lot more possible outcomes with a 2+ card spread. For a single card, you have 156 (78x2) possibilities, for two cards you have 156x154, three cards, 156x154x152, etc.

If the Oracle has feelings, it probably gets really annoyed when people try and force it to just give 1 of 2 answers. I certainly would. Its insulting to the power and depth potential of the Oracle.

Does anyone know something that works to get that kind of answer?

Yes. Flip a coin.

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I agree with what BB44 is saying there, however I have used the Yes/No tarot spread on several times, and they’ve been strikingly accurate - the system was designed by Mary K. Greer, I posted about it here.

The Book Of Fate comes as close as any system to having Yes/No answers, and again, I’ve found it highly accurate - full tutorial, my notes & legal download here.

I would always urge caution with divination, use your own discretion and best judgement regardless of what the reading says, but in general I’ve found both of those suitable for this kind of thing.

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I use tarot for specific questions but for yes or no I use a pendulum charged with energy