Someone is sabotaging my relationships

well a while back some anonymous person from my job messaged the father of my child about a man ive been seeing for a while, basically stirring the pot fir no reason, now recently, the man ive been seeing for a while now suddenly stopped talking to me because someone told him something, i think this is the same person again and again ruining my relationships. How do i go about revealing this person, all i know its some one i work with or onced worked with.

I cant think of a single person who would want to do this to me, im a nice person who keeps to myself, any help on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Also on the last night i was with my man before this a black cat came to my house and has been coming to my house sense, so im pretty sure im dealing with a woman.

It could be someone who is secretly jealous of you. If they have your baby daddy’s number, then it’s likely someone you both know.

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she facebook messaged him, found him threw my page and he wont tell me who.

Same thing with the current man im dealing with

Then maybe it’s one of your Facebook friends.

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I would suggest working with Agares, Dantalion, and Flauros to resolve this situation.


I agree with @Mao, also you might want to keep all things to do with future relationships off of all “anti-social” media. Social media is a witches playground for your life so don’t give them MORE ammo.


Most magicians, before launching a pernicious attack, previously create work alliances for their protection in:

  • Mask your identity so that it is not seen and whatever the method of divination or mansion that uses the astral vision is distorted and cannot see the face of the attacker or his collaborators.
  • Cover up the traces left in the astral in the establishment of the attack, as well as the force that they provide in the development of the attack and shield against all espionage the evolution of their work.

If you are a magician experienced well in these arts, it will be very, very difficult to know your identity, in my tour you can only know a few who have this faculty: Prince Vassago, Duke Eligos, King / Count Viné, King Zagan … they would say exactly and in detail about that pernicious work.

Worry about having a good defense before attacking, it’s no use counterattacking if you don’t have a wall that resists the ebb that will come as a snack


You’ve narrowed it down to someone from your job that found both dudes through your FB and messaged the both of them…this sounds personal, this person is targeting your men for a reason. I would take @Mao’s advice and get to work. Everything doesn’t have to be posted to social media, so if this person is connecting with these guys through your social media acct, you might want to keep your personal business off there or at least change some settings so everyone can’t see certain things.

Good luck and please come back and tell us if you found out who it was, and what you did to handle the situation :hibiscus:


Stopped talking to you because someone told him something. Hmmmm. :thinking: You’re sure your man not behind it? Why would he stop talking to you because some random someone tells him something. Doesn’t sound very healthy. He should take your word over that of someone.


Do not be part of the problem, focus on solving it, go to the eye of the tornado, get out of your revolution. Do not fall into speculation because it is very harmful to your mental, emotional and mental balance. If you are in decision, talk to those who know, the deities will help you and respond with acertivity, objectivity and without juggling the need of your case, protect your energy health these problems are very harmful and if you do not perceive yourself you will contribute with the evil that have been evoked

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Aside from intuition, is there some specific reason you think that it is the same person? I am assuming that your baby daddy told you it was someone you worked with, but for your BF he just said that someone said something? Or did he say someone from your work said something through facebook? Not that I am asking, but did he say what he was told? Because if you know what he was told, you could probably narrow it down to just the people who would know that information.

It is difficult to believe that you have no known enemies and yet there is someone who is a secret enemy trying to sabotage your relationships. I think if somene is out to get you for real if you think hard enough you can figure out who it is. You would have had to piss someone off, or had someone who you could tell didn’t like you very much.

In the summer a witch who I never met in person attacked me using an Instagram

Unless she’s not a very trustworthy individual to begin with, or like you said:

Or it could all be just an excuse to no longer have contact with you, and he’s too immature and cowardly to tell you how he feels.

This makes me suspect that the romance wasn’t there in the first place. Why is he only the father of your child, and not at the very least your significant other, or husband if you believe in marriage, with whom you live?

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How exactly does this transpire? Did you have pictures on instagram that she had access to? Or how exactly did she “lock on” to you?

Yes. I basically sensed she was doing something and someone here on BALG confirmed w divination.

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Damn, that’s why I don’t put pictures on social media. Really fucking dangerous.


I’m going to start enchanting them but haven’t gotten around to it.

Once I get a new phone I’m going to do that too. Someone on this forum claimed your smart phone sort of operates like an egregore.

Either way it’s so central to your life - it’s like an extension of your body - so…

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