Someone help me out

I’m genuinely confused. If the law of assumption states that we can manifest whatever we want and teaches that will doesn’t exist then surely someone’s magical protection doesn’t matter a single bit. If indeed you are going by what Goddard says.

Goddard wasn’t a magician. He was a mystic. His views of the universe are not the same.

To a magician, especially one of the Left Hand Path variety, the individual Will is paramount and is what moves the universe.

To Goddard, All is Mind, and other people simply reflect back to you what is held with in your own consciousness because we are all basically one in the shared mind of God.


‘Manifest whatever we want’ is easy for someone to say who doesn’t understand magick. Sure, it’s possible. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can have it.

You can’t just go with everything someone says because it’s a ‘big name.’ Make you own ideas up about what you believe.