Someone down to help with me with some love spells?

So I have a couple (yeah a couple) of girls I’d like to use a love and lust spell on (one that does both). I’m not the best magician and it’s hard for me to practice so I wanted to ask for help. I didn’t want to ask someone to do it for me mainly because my funds and also Id feel bad not helping out in some way. I really want to be able to do this but I’m not the best at doing things alone. This would be very helpful, thank you

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Two “potions” - try to meet them after having used this perfume: 1-6 drops of rosemary, thyme and lavender’s essences. Or 1-2 drops of carnation oil stirred with 4 nutmeg’s grains and some watercress essence’s drops.
You may otherwise repeat the enn of a “love demon”: Sitri, Gremory etc. (“Lirach Alora vefa Sitri”, “An tasa shi Gremory on ca”) while looking at the sigil; or invoke the goddess Venus.

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And this encourages you to learn magick and do stuff for yourself how exactly?

Nit sure if love spells book are allowed. But go to amazon kindle, get tis the inner temple of witchcraft. By raymundo rodriguez. $5 and the grimoire of b. Love spells, tis books deal whit bindings, and few spirts. Blood love spells etc. U will learn something there. I was recommended tis ebooks by a member all rituals &spells not wasting time