Someone call my name

Hi. Today after one dream( i dream one guy long black hair that i talk with him about portals then was come another guy short black hair from portal) then i wake up and i heard first horn and then buzzing and i was shaking then i heard my name and saw red face, and i ask who is this and then again heard horn and buzzing but i didn’t understand what he was saying… Sorry for my bad english…

I’ve been told that when you can’t understand entities you can say something like “I give you permission to communicate with me in a way that I will understand.”


There is a ritual with which you can convey thoughts from a distance, so everything is possible.

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Thank you.
I will find this ritual…

Volume 1. Baltasar Frater, Soror Manira, Abd el-Hazred - Forbidden Magic of the Ancients.
look in this book below.