Someone asked me something

Someone asked me to explain the difference between hoodoo and “voodoo,” (yep, that was his spelling) and I almost bruised my hand smacking my forehead. Then i realised that some genuinely don’t understand this difference.

First, how do YOU explain it?

Second, what kinds of “stupid questions” have you had to answer? I know there are no stupid questions, only questions you happen to already know the answer to, but you know what i mean. I’m talking about questions that someone with 30 seconds and google could have answered themselves, but instead, they came and asked you…


My favourite stupid question.
“But if you deal with demons and they’re real that means you must think god is real why do you go to the side of evil and end up in hell”.


Its why I leave out the word “demon” from conversation. Few people will recognize the names of most demons anyway, and people are loads more receptive to ideas when you don’t use connotation they balk at :slight_smile:

Not really a question, but i have had people recoil in disgust from the Angrlarium paintings done by Peter Morbacher. It amused me greatly!


Voodoo is magic - Hoodoo is witchcraft basically.
Magic - the evocation and invocation of demonic spirits to fulfill your will.
Witchcraft - the use of nature spirits (can be mischievous even harmful) and will to fulfill your desires.
Sorcery - the use of will and word to manipulate events to fulfill your desires.

^ Best description there will be.

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TIL Evoking angels and working with Pre-Christian religions isn’t magic, witchcraft, or sorcery.

I prefer the term spirit (I know some people draw a difference between demons and spirits, but in normal non sorcerer English it means the same thing). It’s a lot easier to swallow than demon even if you are referring to the exact same thing.



In my experience:

Magick is the use of non-physical forces to alter reality to fit the will of a sentient being. Magick is the overarching category.

Witchcraft is a subcategory of magick using certain nature-based external and internal methods to wield the non-physical forces of magick.

Sorcery is a subcategory of magick using internal methods to wield the non-physical forces of magick.

I will add wizardry as a subcategory using external methods to wield the non-physical forces of magick.

I understand vodoun as a religion and relationship to certain non-physical entities, with a heavy emphasis on magick through witchcraft and wizardry (as defined above).

I understand hoodoo as a subcategory of witchcraft.

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@Anastasiya so by that definition I would be both a magickian and a sorcerer, but not a witch, and not really a wizard.


I shamelessly pulled most of my definitions from the D&D definitions, but they do fit nicely, don’t they?

I was a sorcerer only for a long time, and i am learning some wizardry. I am not a witch by any stretch, and i am recently a cleric again

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@Anastasiya What would you consider “external methods”? Do hand gestures and spoken words count? What about Mudras? Using an effigy?


In my exlerience:

The mudras and spoken words are internal methods, the effigy is external.

Internal methods are methods that come from yourself alone. Things you could do naked floating in nothingness.

External methods are everything else

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In that case I am nearly entirely a sorcerer by your definitions. I do use effigies when cursing long range (as opposed to cursing someone within line of sight), but beyond that I do everything purely internally.