Someone asked a target for practice?

Hi, I don’t know if this kind of post is allowed, if is not, please delete =)

I have never perform a baneful work, tho I have worked with psychic attacks and astral attacks and manipulations.

I would like to propose a game, there is a target that would definetely help the word if it were victim of one (or many… preferably many…) hexes.

Due to the public nature and international relevance of the individual I preffer not to put the name or any info about it/her/him here.

all I can say is that if someone wants to test baneful magick without restrains I can give a target whose photos, birth info, biography and everything is online.

If someone need reasons to motivate him/herself against the target I can PM many.

If someone is interested can PM and I’ll give info and a plan of attack since I know that person may have spiritual or magickal aid close, so to effectively “sleep” the target perhaps wil need of waves of attacks… first isolate the target magickally and then crush it.

I would do it on my own, but still doens’t get to a level I’m full confidence about it and the time is crucial.

anyway, that’s it, if anybody wants to be part of this and have fun PM me, if not, I’ll proceede anyway and post results plus methodology :wink:

thnks to the ones who read the whole thing

Just out of curiosity, what’d this person do?

Um… what’s the point of this? You aren’t confident that you’ll succeed, and on top of that you risk being outnumbered and overwhelmed. It’s hard to tell whether this is actually something important, or if you’re just “practicing”…

Is a former president of my country that did lots of things underground but people are just hearing about it now, either way it has a great deal of influence in uneducated population because of the charisma it has

perhaps it was fool of me to put this thread, I should do this on my own and work way towards confidence and skillfullness

I got carried away by fear of not being able to pull this, I shouldn’t involve others on this, is silly now that I see it more calm, I wasn’t thinking it thoroughly

I better focus on the practice until I can do something like that because I shouldn’t be afraid of getting “out of time”

if I focus on my ascent I may be able to do something far better and manifest bigger changes that just killing that person, even tho is anoying and kind of dangerous for this place, killing her will change nothing

so, thanks trkl, you helped me to re-focus

While that sounds like the sort of person I would approve of cursing, one thing you have to realize is often people in those positions have some pretty intense protection. Regular attacks may not be able to reach them.

This is a dangerous target, especially if you aren’t confident… If they indeed have psychic protection, they WILL kill you if you can’t defend yourself…

well then, lets thanks all the devils I posted this before doing anything stupid… but yet, there will come the glorious day in which I will rise fire and thunder upon those bastards, until then working and sweting towards the sweetest of the rewards

thnks for the words of wisdom, you guys really made me realize the dangerous level of my ignorance

I would probaly start cursing directors, majors and then scale my cursing way to the top lol