Somebody knows I’m doing magick. SOS

He knows I do magick but I haven’t told him about more rituals I do. Will this weaken my magick?? He knows I’ve done a ritual to make his life better will the magick still work?? Nobody knows but him that I’m doing magick. And last question what if everyone knows that I do magick but I keep myself silent??? Like they heard from him/her that I do magick… shall I tell him I stopped doing magick?? (Of course I’m not going to stop) is my magick not going to be fulfilled if everyone knows I do magick?? I suspect that in people

Okay calm down. You should be powerful enough to have your magick not be affected by passive beliefs. If you feel you are not then you can do an empowering rite or get someone to do it for you. My clients have reported empowerment rites tend to improve their psychic abilities so you may look into them.


I still know it’s real and my belief is almost the same. I already knew that some people suspected me doing magick but I didn’t care and I still got results, I asked Shahtan (Satan) to improve my Magickal ability and let him know about my situation also psychic

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I have a ritual posted on BALG about Azazel’s Infernal Flames rite that you can get a person to do on you. I do it for my clients which allows them to improve their psychic senses and gain more confidence and power.

If you are really worried about this, I suggest petitioning Bael for some help:

To make somebody lose interest in you and your affairs.


To make a thing or situation to appear as something other than it is.

Make it seem like you are doing some innocent wicca spells or whatever lol. White magick. They will think that you’re a little bit weird but they won’t call the priest on you or won’t pray for you.

Your magick should be completely fine if it’s not a really big group of people knowing about your magick or praying for you.
Edit: even then you can do magick without issue, look at the popular occultists that charge for spells or curses.


Lmaaao i will tell them I work with fairies mixed with listening to confusing harem Japanese music

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Do what you want, they will probably assume you are crazy and leave you alone lol. They might tell others though.

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A common cow tongue spell should take care of that.

You could get thrown into a mental hospital labeled a schizophrenic. Then comes meds then stupidity from the meds then a bomb goes off so your angry or sick of the doctors and nurses. you hit one of the nurses, stay in there forever your life is ruined you can’t practice magick (a slave) then you die unable to cross over or you’ll be a angry malicious confused spirit you don’t, get released and your parents say take the meds and if you don’t they kick you out homeless at least then you could do magick

My advice start acting up at school tell others you lied about doing magick and feel good about it. (become a bully) not caring about anybody or anything make sure not to do anything that will get you expelled
be an ass tho continually bring up that you lied
Tell people you never cared you wore masks many masks and now your sick of being nice , gaslight others every time someone says something make a joke out of it make fun of them, play pranks on teachers then laugh Maybe don’t tell them you did it just laugh meditate on the intention of enjoying every moment of bullying others making fun of people has lighting By meditating on that intention you’ll eventually learn to enjoy every moment of it , absorb yourself In being a bully
Then they won’t think your a schizophrenic and you won’t get thrown into a mental hospital. Get yourself out of this situation

My advice will work if done properly.