Somebody from the other side

Hello All -

Just wanted to share my perspective on what it is like when spells are cast on you to coerce you to be with someone.

I am brand new here and I came here looking for something to save my relationship. I read a lot of posts about black magick spells and taking away the freewill of the person leading to unhappiness and such. I would like to share my experience about this, clarify some misconceptions based on my experience and hopefully will help you in making your decision.

My boyfriend did a black magick spell on me. When we first met I was least interested in him so much that I would feel yuck about him. I couldn’t even make myself kiss him.It would gross me out and I would tell my best friend. He is a nice guy but I feel yuck. This guy didnt give up. He persisted and throughout the first two years I would constantly feel like why am I here with him. But it was one of the best things that happened to me. He showered me with love, happiness and sex that you can only imagine in your wildest dreams. I didnt even think that I could be this happy or I was capable of such sexual energy. It was the best times of my life. So its not like how people describe that the person’s soul will be sucked out, they wont truly be happy and it will be fake or manipulated and it will be a toxic cycle. My experience has been the exact opposite.

I used to be so confused for a long time as to why I was with him while he is completely not my type.I remember how I WOULD make excuses to avoid him at all costs and it would fail entirely. Entirely supernatural that I would wonder what is happening here. Well I am not upset or feel that my freewill was stolen away from me because it gave me wonderful experiences. Had he imposed this on me and not fulfilled his love for me, then may it would have been a negative experience. So for those of you who are using magick to get your ex back, be mindful of your actions once the magick kicks in, its upto you to create an entirely new magick without the help of anyone afterwards. Thank the spirits that helped you and then take it from there. Be unconditional in your love. And that makes me a happy victim of black magick!! :slight_smile:

All that magick does is to create that opportunity and afterwards your actions is what will make that relationship as a marvelous one.

Oh another unrelated example, I wanted to be a doctor but my mother imposed her will on me and sent me to a different school taking my freewill away. I was upset at her for a long long time but today I am so thankful to her.

So you see, taking freewill is not a bad thing if it is for a good thing. Just make sure you are true to yourself.

Love & Hugs!!! And ofcourse now back to my own research on how to get my lover back!!! I could use some magick right now!!!


How did you become aware that he did black magic on you? :see_no_evil:

In the beginning things didnt make sense at all. Like why will I be with a person that I feel grossed out to be with? I thought he was way way below my liking level. I would have bet a million bucks that I would never kiss this person. I would be so embarrassed of even being with him or let alone somebody see me with him. I had told myself that I am not going to go out with this person at all and I go out with him the same day within minutes of telling myself no I would tell him yes! I would be restless and he occupied my mind non stop even though I was not interested to pursue with him. I couldn’t do anything else. I tried to break up with him! Told him I cannot see you. He would say you are not going anywhere! You are coming straight back into my arms.

Then much later when I was in the relationship I found out how he was using my panties and other stuff to work with like dolls and honey jars. I didn’t mind after that. He comes from a family that knows this stuff. His mom practiced different things.

Oh my…well, like you said at least he was good to you and didn’t take advantage of having the upper hand. Looks like he really did care about you even though he snagged you with Magick.

He did in all aspects. He literally worshipped the ground I walked on. He was patient and very kind with me despite all the insults I threw at him because I tried hard not to be with him.He would not let me go even one inch away from him. Now this is the same relationship I am trying to save. The tables have turned in 5 1/2 years. He got me addicted to his love and now I dont know what else to do. I am still under his spell and I am ready for my turn. He still loves me deeply, a small misunderstanding caused him to shut off.

How do you feel now? 5 1/2 years later…do you feel love for him or do you think it’s the spell?

Intense love. He made me a better soon, taught me how to love, showed me what unconditional love looks and feels like. He made me experience happiness.

find out what spells he did and do the same spell. haha.

I am doing all the things he did like keeping underwear with his clothes, honey jar, etc but I dont know what obsession lust spells he did because it opened up the sexual side of me that I didnt even know existed.

Or just communicate with him. You did some good mojo magick on me. NOW OWN YOUR SHIT!! and kiss him. then wait for him to answer… =o)

I am 2400 miles away from him and he is mentally blocking me out of his mind.

nothing can be done then. distance makes things tough. You can than work on yourself. to gain control of yourself. self journey it is.

I am doing both. I am working on myself as well as working on how I CAN get him back. If he is back, then I want to bulletproof our relationship. I am aware of the changes I need to make as I was also the reason why this breakup happened. When he is back I want him to feel good about us hence I am working on myself. If he doesnt come back I am ready to move on to a new chapter of my life and box our memories in a box because I want to reopen it before I die. It was pure magick!!!