Some weird stuff going on after evocations

Alright so I had so far tried working with Duke Sallos, Dantalion, Lucifer, King Paimon and Pomba Gira. I say tried because this all took place within the last 2-3 weeks and I’m not sure if I really succeeded with any of them. I can’t say that I see anything manifestations, yet; but have I noticed some weird shit…

Ok maybe not that weird. My ex became good friends with all my friends, including my childhood best friend. He informs of any info with her and she hasn’t been involved with anybody or anything like that. Here’s the weird part: I “stumbled upon” access to her social media.

I have a really shitty laptop that I never use because it overheats and runs slow, etc. I go to use it recently and decide to log onto Facebook, guess who’s is saved? My ex’s, she’s used it on there before. Curiosity got the absolute best of me so feeling I had this inside power I had to lurk. This linked me to her Twitter and Instagram as well. Again curiosity got the best but so did my conscious and guilt so I made it incredibly quick. I just took a look and see if people I had weird feelings about DM’d her and stuff and to my surprise my friend was right, there’s nothing to be upset over other. No flirting or anything and I started to wonder, is this the work of any of the evocations? I didn’t request people be removed per se, but I did request obstacles to be removed between us, yet there’s still nothing between us directly.

I lost track slightly but here’s the weirder part. Before I logged off her stuff for good, I felt compelled to look and see who she’s searched for, don’t ask me why because I couldn’t care less. But she searched for a girl I had dated years ago, no big deal because she knew we dated. She also searched for my female best friend who lives 15 hours away south and she’s met once. Kind of irrelevant so why would she look and lastly, the night of me discovering her Facebook info she searched for this girl I had a fling with almost 3 years ago that lasted maybe 2 weeks. This girl doesn’t know any of my friends and my friends don’t know her, I don’t even think they know she exists and it’s incredibly unlikely any of my ex’s friends know her. I say it’s weird because the past few days the girl she searched for wrote me a message on instagram but it was harmless and she liked some of my Facebook statuses. My ex blocked me, my statuses are set to only friends can see, and that girl’s stuff is also all private. I really have no clue how she thought to look her up and I think if I ever mentioned her to my ex it was quickly in passing a long time ago. It’s like she sensed this girl messaged me somehow or she has friends lurking my social media but even then the girl’s presence is almost nonexistent.

I dunno, I guess that’s my updated story on my experiences thus far using the Goetia, Lucifer and Pomba Gira. Still no forward progress though.


:thinking: if she isn’t with anyone and wondering about potential girls around you! Then she isn’t over you!
Good luck


That’s what’s weird is not knowing if that’s her reasons. I can’t for the life of me figure out why she’d look that one girl up or what made her even think of her name…but not any of the other dozens of girls I know. I’m thinking it has to be something else bc I see no public link between her and I for my ex to become curious. At first I was flattered but now I’m just like ???


:sweat_smile: girls can be so smart at stalking!


So true I agree 1000 %