Some Weird A$s Dreams Man

So, I wasn’t sure where to put this but I am putting this one down for the books.
I just woke up, from this crazy dream. It may have just been a dream but something about the person in the dream (whose face I had never seen before) felt familiar. Or at least the concept of him seemed familiar.
So backing up, In my dream I entered this strange…castle, temple thing? Gray stone and marbled gray floors with gritty dirt at my feet. I soon discovered I was in fact nude, (yes, there was a lot of detail, almost extremely life like detail.) The door ways were nearly sky high and draped with curtains. And even though the place could have used a sound maid, it seemed well kept and smelled of roses before they start rotting, when they are at their sweetest.
I made my way to the very back, where there was an altar and this large skeletal statue stood there covered in vines, with a twisted crown. This thing was like 10ft tall or taller considering I am only 5ft 3. And there was a table and chest laying there with a bunch of stuff so I picked something up, it was a staff, to look at it.
That was a huge mistake. (or was it?)
Because That statue was LIVING and ya know CAME TO LIFE? uhm…
So he’s chasing me and I am running. and herds of these priests come out to assist him in what I only felt like was to unalive and maybe eat me. And it is like that for a minute until, this dude realizes I don’t wanna fight him, that this whole time I was running away terrified, I also had only one thing on my mind.
That’s right, I wanted some of that undead d!ck. (Sorry I am a weird)
So it was like he kind of just knew, we talked for a bit but honestly through out the days that I was there I don’t remember what he ever said. Just what he sounds like.
Anyway so once he realizes that I want to bone (pun) he transforms himself into this tall (but thankfully normal tall) man, with dark tan skin, he had dark eyes, no hair, and wore an open rope with a golden crown on his head. The only hint of what he once was, was his mouth that was still full of decay. I mean, it didn’t matter to me, I still kissed him because again I am weird. But yeah, I remember my blood ending up in his mouth.
So like I said before I was there a few days it felt like, having some wild ass sex. I will spare you the details of my stay. Eventually, he realized that his form didn’t matter to me so he would switch between the skeletal decaying monster form to the macho man form. He was very kind too. We even sat in a rose bath together (the water was blackish brown for some reason with fresh petals on top) and just snacked on fruit and chatted. The priests that tended to him were nice too, but wouldn’t answer questions. And I nearly got into a tiff with the head priest guy, over what I cannot recall. I just know that decaying prince charming hushed me.

So yes, that is a lot of detail in one tiny dream. And no, my dreams aren’t normally so easy to follow. So that’s why I am a bit fixated on what the whole thing means.
What do you think?
Am I just kinky or is there a spiritual element here?
And should I write a book because damn…

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Your profile says you read tarot. Did you pull some cards? Have you been working with any spirits with a male vibe lately?

I’ve been listening to a Lucifer meditation. About every other night there’s a handsome man in my dreams. It isn’t as sexual as your dream but he holds me tight and let’s everyone know he’ll protect me. I’m certain it’s Lucifer.

I keep a dream journal. You might consider keeping one. It’s amusing to read through it.