Some valuable info about kundalini and chakra

Here are some info I know about kundalini that I have gathered after years of study and cross checking them. And most of them are from siddha level yogis.

1-what is known as microcosmic orbit is nothing but activating susumna channel at the center of your spine. It will make u energetically enlightened but won’t give you any hightened feeling of being divine etc. It is like after death u will get liberation or go to some really high plane to live. But it is not activating kundalini.

2- if one has consciousness control over kundalini force, then he has a source of infinite energy at his disposal. With which he can do anything, by anything I mean anything that can be thought of. Here is the catch it is not that easy to have such conscious control over your body, and certainly not kundalini force.

3-it is said that there is 114 chakras in our body corrsponding to 114 universes in our creation ( there are other creations too). The lowest is the grossest and th highest is the subtlest. We are now in the 84th universe ( this 14.7 billion years old universe of ours) which corrspondes to muladhara chakra the root chakra. Earth element is the primary element of muladhara, so solidity is the basis of creation in our world. Kundalini is the evolutionary force which propels individual being to move from the first universe/chakra to the last one. It resides in muladhara because we live there.

4-technically everything has kundalini even rocks have it and if it is broken into multiple parts each one of those will have it. It is also the force which causes individuality and when completely released it reaches the last universe/chakra and dissolves into nothingness / non-dual state. Even the highest gods( with in dual realm) don’t release it 100% or they will lose individuality.

5-it is not necessary to open up each and every chakra in the process but if any chakra is opened 100%, let’s say manipura chakra representing fire you will become one with the fire element and can command all over fire, heat in the cosmos at your will.
It is extremely dangerous to try to directly activate kundalini shakti without proper guide and preparing the body as it can completely fry one’s brain and nervous system.

Hope it helps to some extent.