Some useful info/tips for noobs from my experiences!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what to do? Don’t know how to improvise a ‘spell’?

Develop your intuition! It has helped me from the beginning in ways I cannot begin to explain!
The Monroe Institute Gateway Experience can help you with that, if you don’t know how to develop it.

Learn to shield/ward/hide yourself from psychic attacks, vampires, parasites, spies, and imposters! From day 1! Don’t go in all arrogantly thinking you’re god and invincible… Been there done that…

Things that work well that I have tried:
Runes. (Worked against psychic attacks, vampires, parasites, spies, imposters, unwanted guests, skinwalkers, unwanted influence, etc)
Pacts. Same as above.
TMIGE’s ‘Resonant Energy Balloon’. (So far I found it protects from psychic attacks, vamps, parasites and unwanted influence.)

Learn how to use energy and how to visualize it! TMIGE also helps with this!

Here’s a trick to hide yourself once you know how to visualize and use energy:
Visualize/project yourself somewhere else, wearing the same thing, doing something. If someone’s RVing you they wont know where you are actually at. Confuses some entities aswell.

Also emotions are very powerful, don’t hesitate to use them, especially with visualizations and intent :wink:

And be very careful what you will! Careful of what you accept and want!

Treat every entity as equal to you. And with respect. No you don’t have to bow to them unless you want that sort of thing… Treat them as friends and see where it gets you :wink:

Some useful quotes that might help some people:
‘Demon’ is dogma. (Abrahamic faiths have such a black/white view on things, as is such with religion.).
I think therefore I am.
You cannot see the light for the darkness.

Hope this helps some newbies!

~Opto Sanhar! Amare Et Sanguine!~


Am interested here . Am actually a beginner

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How do you know they work?

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I used and tested them!

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