Some suggestions for my situation

So my dad is an alcoholic who won’t stop drinking, he’s really in danger of losing his job and probably already has permanent brain damage from years of doing it at this point , he never acts the same now , it’s stressing my mom out bad and she’s taking all her anger out on me screaming , what should I do using magick to help


Call upon Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame. He has the ability to free the mind from addictions and many here have had success with him for family members who were alcoholics.


Magic is only going to help so far. You and Your mom need to get involved with the group al anon it is for the family members of alcoholics. It is extremely helpful and free. As far as magic, dantalion helps to repair relationships and I have found him to be a quick and helpful spirit to work with.



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I am sorry that you go through this, and at 18 you should legally be free to create your own life at least in the eyes of the law.

I feel that your best work is yet to come in the future when you are no longer involved directly with this situation and can be an outside observer.

You’ll need to work on the root of the problem, since you’re dealing with possible genetics, this addictive trait is something you need to look out for in you. Your THC use for example.

Why does your dad drink? The first question I would ask myself, what’s the hole he’s filling created from. Magick can be an effective band aid but unless you attack the source it can be nothing more.

That hole your dad has created has spread to your mother and in reading all you post, the sadness, emptiness and loneliness is spreading to you. You need to recognize this NOW and decide whats best for YOU. I know you want out of this so honestly I would start making preparations for you, your life, who you want to be, take control which I know is something you deeply desire.

What are your options?


I quit the thc bro it was making me extremely suicidal unlike my friends , I think it’s due to the fact I have an extremely high iq and overactive mind which causes overthinking depression loneliness and paranoia , my dad is past the point of no return , he said he died in his mind years ago , he is done fighting , I am beginning to become suicidal , I had a really shitty time in high school and had lots of friends but ultimately never fit in , I just got out and have been procrastinating getting a job because I tend to deconstruct things in a pessimistic manner, for example saying it’s useless getting a job , making $400 a month after taxes , I want to start a company though , I have bad problems with making friends and holding conservations, I used to be real social before the bullying but now I can pretty much predict what people are gonna say before they open their mouths from analyzing them , it’s just a really fucked up situation , I’m really close to my Breaking point


When I bring up my depression to my mom, she just gets pissed because she’s overwhelmed , I’ve really been at rock bottom for years , even after working out for 3 years and getting out of my comfort zone from the 115 lb kid I used to be , this world seems to give me no breaks,

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This looks like a case of everything helps.

Get the Knight’s advise and call Opfaal… but also work on interventions (yeah… plural, I guess). AA. And everything else, probably the most important thing is getting a healthy activity for your father to displace his addiction.

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John, don’t take this the wrong way OK but you’ve spent several posts wallowing in self-pity. If you don’t think that you’re worth saving magic hasn’t got a hope in hell so to speak of saving you.

To start a company you’re gonna need money so why not take the job. You’re already looking at the negative of what you’re losing before you’re even looking at what you’re gaining, a very bad place to be.

What’s to stop you renting a room in somebody’s house getting that job and being self-sufficient for a while, relying on yourself, Answering to nobody, There’s no better way to learn and throwing yourself into life, the road I see you on is Surely one of destruction if you stay on it. There’s really a bounty of options if you’re willing to take a look beyond the walls of the prison you so eloquently constructed for yourself.

What’s the business that you want Start anyway, I’m curious what skills set you actually have And how that relates to the company that you wanna start.

When I first started with my own place I did property management I worked as a leasing consultant and got a discount on my rent. Some companies actually give free rent but you’re gonna have to get a little experience under your belt first. But it’s an easy job and easy money.

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I’m not wallowing in self pity, I just want some suggestions for my situation , I have some bad depression and I’m in a dire situation , I eat healthy , I meditate , I workout , those are efforts to escape my depression. I’m not sitting here blaming the world and laying down and dying , I’m just having a hard time and describing it as it is

Fair enough, I completely understand

I don’t have a large skill set , I can build websites , I’m creative , and I have good insight on what’s going on in the world , I’m learning how to program ,I just got out of high school I’m also trying to figure where to take my life

Well if you’re going to be in any industry that’s the one I would pick computers are for sure in the future. You could start small building websites for companies. Almost no money involved in doing that. You could sign up for a cheap web host sell space and build sites With very little marketing effort on your part

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I’ve thought about it, I want to make a company to solve the problems social media has created since it’s the biggest problem in the world

Well even Steve Jobs started in his garage with practically nothing so I hope to be reading your biography one day. You better sign a copy for me

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When you get your business plan together send me a copy, and I’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement just so you’re protected I definitely like the thought of it.

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Sounds good I’m about to register the company name within the next week and I already have a partner with capital and connections ,

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Awesome, And I’d say it really sounds like you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing right now,

Yea it’s gonna be a long journey , once I can fix my depression I can start thinking even clearer and go towards the vision

Please listen and realize this point, I literally did this from 18 until 24, it is not fun.

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