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I truly believe that Hillary Clinton is trafficking children. You look into the Podestas, James Alefantis, Jeffrey Epstein, and Laura Silsby, to name a few, and I guess were supposed to accept all this disgusting shit as coincidence. Ill be trying to get the word out but the average person does not want to hear about it. But something needs done. I don’t know what, but they keep throwing it in our faces. Walmart and Target selling pizzagate shirts, Marina Abramovich holding a child by the mouth and throwing blood onto paper meches of children, and that pedo logo that was on the pizza shop right by Comet Ping-Pong. I mean look this stuff up and it is very disgusting and very real. What do we do?


Honestly this is like saying that the mafia commit crime and you’re going to tell the police. The richer you become the more your morals reflect your status, as in you stop viewing the weak as human.
My advice? Shoot for the high positions yourself. If you want to change society, you’ll have to gain power politically first and somehow retain the view that the poor and vulnerable are worth protecting.
( it’s harder than you may think )


That’s one way to go at it, but I think there’s gotta be others. I mean how many people really even know that this is going on?

I have a hard enough time getting people to entertain it as a possibility.

People are stupid and thus gullible, they’ll believe whatsoever the leftwing media tell them

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Join Lost And Found.


What is that? where I can I find information on Lost And Found?

Look in latest posts on the forum.

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