Some spirit communicated with me

Greetings everyone

I have been reading and doing research on some wealth/money spirits lately. I have Clauneck’s sigil as my screensaver on my phone, but I was also planning on invoking Asmodeus or Mammon. Yesterday before I fell asleep I was doing a research on Goddess Fortuna. So basically I still have not decided which entity should I contact first since I’m a begginer.

Now what amazes me is the dream I just dreamt now before I woke up. Some spirit showed up and promised to give me money to start a business if I make contact with them as soon as possible. He showed himself as a music icon that I know who is currently popular in my country. The amount promised is the amount that is sufficient for starting a business that I was already planning to start. When this spirit presented itself it was in the presence of my late father even though I couldn’t see his face (it was hidden to me).

Now I’m confused if this was just a dream like any other or it’s a message from one of these spirits I was planning to make contact with. Or maybe it’s my ancestors trying to give me some luck, but what I have learnt in this path is there are no coincidences.

Mind you I already have some different colour candles and insceses that I already bought, and I have already prepared a space for my altar to communicate with spirits. But I was still deliberating as to who to contact first.

What is it that I should do to make that spirit show it’s identity, so that I know who it is and go on to make contact with them? Your opinions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

You could do a ritual to summon this spirit, and ask it to reveal more in another dream.

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Thank you for your response

But how do I go about doing a ritual for an unkown spirit?

You can do what is called a blind evocation. Basically, you put out the intention to summon the entity from your dream, and then command it to show up.

Another option would be to evoke a spirit you trust, and ask it to bring you the spirit from your dream.


Thank you for your response

As for blind evocation…well I was thinking of doing that, my problem is I’m not sure what tools to use. Obviously there will be no sigil, should I light a white candle and burn inscence and shout which words?

It doesn’t matter what tools you use. Just use your usual method of evocation. What matters is your intention to draw in the spirit. Since the spirit already made contact via dream, it is probably waiting for your call, so you could just repeat something simple like, “I summon thee, spirit from my dream, I call thee to take form before me, that I may see and hear you. Dream spirit, come to me. Come. Come.”

I would advise you, however, to have protections in place to prevent any imposters from usurping the correct spirit.


You have just hit the nail in the head, thank you🙏.

How to do so? PLEASE